The Vibrant Freedom Philosophy

Vibrant Freedom operates from the perspective of Loving, which includes the following basic foundational universal principles:


  • We are unfathomable, divine Beings having a human experience on Planet Earth.
  • As Divine Beings, we are all intrinsically worthy – equally worthy of anything and everything. Our worth is a given; each of us is born worthy.
  • Our souls are immortal- we existed long before we came into this body, and we continue to exist long after we leave.
  • We are sourced energetically from within. Each Divine Being has internal connection with 24/7 access to Spirit- free access to the source of Loving and All that Is.
  • The source of Loving (AKA God, Goddess, The Infinite, Divine Oneness, Universal Energy Source, Creator, I AM presence, Allah, etc.) is boundless, infinite, Loving and always compassionate.
  • Within the source of Loving, there is unlimited access to the qualities of joy, peace, wisdom, beauty, gratitude, compassion, grace, authentic power, freedom, acceptance, prosperity and many more.
  • Within the source of Loving, there is no judgment. There is no such thing as right/wrong or good/bad, only true compassion and Love for the learning opportunity. We are here to attend Earth School, and all forms of learning are equally acceptable.
  • In Earth School, mistakes are how people learn. Each Divine Being has an internal knowing of what is in alignment with his/her own soul. Earth School provides an opportunity for us to learn how to become aligned from within ourselves in a physical, 4-dimensional reality through a process of trial and error. It is important to the learning to accept the process.
  • Each Divine Being is a self-contained system; whole and 100% responsible.
  • Our inner reality creates our outer, physical reality. As Divine Beings, we are co-creators of our human experience, each 100% responsible for our Life’s circumstances. There is no such thing as a victim in the Loving.
  • We can change our outer, physical reality by changing our inner; inner reality includes our spiritual level (state of Beingness, strength of connection to the source of Loving, degree of Self-Loving), mental level (beliefs, thoughts, judgments) and emotional level (feelings, patterns of emotional response).

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