“I was introduced to Cynthia Lamb through a friend after having had a pretty rough spiritual awakening, a near death experience and having my life turned upside down. 
I was feeling paralyzed by the events of my life through the last few years and felt stuck as well.


The awakening I had had shown me all there is and isn’t at same time and for a brief moment I was shown the world as it is, merely energy. I didn’t know this at that time. 
A friend recommended me to reach out to Cynthia and she gave me comfort immediately. 
I was met by so much love and compassion by Cynthia and she told me what I had seen in my awakening was my truth and that she could help me to understand and to see more clearly. 
So I signed up for her workshop in Copenhagen, back then it was called “Heal your shit”, now “Free yourself”.


Every thing Cynthia showed me at that workshop made so much sense and it turned my life around. 
I joined her 2-year Conscious healing class and I found a new and stronger than ever freedom in life. 
By far it’s the one of the best things I have done for myself and it has given me a solid spiritual foundation and many many tools I use every day as I learn and grow. 
I am forever grateful to Cynthia Lamb for showing me the way to a life beyond my wildest beliefs and for showing me how to open the door and to step into the loving. 
I now know unconditional love to not only others but also to myself.
I love U Cynthia 100%.”

~ Mogens Daugbjerg Larsen, Denmark

“Thanks to the practical knowledge that Cynthia has shared with me, this life now makes sense to me. I am learning a different way of thinking. I have a new hope for myself and my world around me and a much better connection with God, a God of love not fear. I now have access to compassion, peace, joy and abundance where there was once darkness. Thank you, Cynthia. I am behind you and your work 100%.”

~ C.R., Redondo Beach, CA

“It has been such a road for me, but Cynthia’s work has truly changed my life. I had a perception of myself that didn’t match what I was projecting into the world. I was in an unhealthy relationship, I was working very hard in a career I didn’t want to be in, I felt like a victim and powerless…and in very poor health. Since working with Cynthia, I have an awareness of my co-dependent pattern and have left the unhealthy relationship, I have educated myself in yoga, nutrition, essential oils, and energy work so that I may offer healing and do the work I love and am meant to do, I have healthy relationships, and have my health back. I have tools to use for those times of struggle and have a real understanding of the root cause so that I don’t feel like a victim anymore. I am a powerful co-creator of my life and am living the life that I have dreamed of. I feel a sense of freedom from within that grows daily.”

~ B.M., Los Angeles, CA

“When I was first introduced to Cynthia I knew immediately within me that her spiritual counsel would assist me to revolutionize my life. That is exactly what has happened for me – I have completely rewritten the story of my life now — on every level. Her compassionate wisdom has guided me and assisted me to be a light to my own pathway. In the past two and a half years I have completed much healing and I am experiencing my life now at a completely different vibrational level. The healings that I have had with Cynthia continue in my life as streams of light by which I co-create everything about my life now. I am blessed, and challenged, and stretched into the highest possible beliefs and actions about myself, others, and the planet in its entirety — oh, how I love this planet. If this resonates with you as you read this, I encourage you to take action and make contact with this precious servant of light.”

~H.L., Riverside, CA

“It was easy to trust Cynthia Lamb immediately. I felt comfortable and safe, even when we were addressing my hardest inner conflicts. She led me through the shadows of feelings and also gave my racing mind the information it needed to stay on board. I was amazed when she described something about my Being that I had seen in a vision many years ago!”

~ F.T., Austria

“You are awesome! Thank you from the bottom of my heart…. It has been a long time since I have felt the light and love of life. Since our loving session, I feel complete, loved and joyous. I am validating, listening and loving the younger part of myself and integrating my new beliefs several times daily. I am sending you lots of love and thanks. ”

~ T.Z., Palos Verdes, CA

“This afternoon’s session with you was profound and amazing. I am filled with awe, gratitude and excitement–I FEEL TRULY LIT UP!! I have done lots of work on myself over the years… while I got the concepts intellectually and felt fleeting moments of “getting it,” for the first time, I TRULY FELT IT IN MY BEING TODAY. It was a tingling, a vibration, a physical sensation primarily in my head area and upper body that was so, so real. WOW!! As if all the things–unnecessary beliefs and thoughts–were truly leaving my body. THANK YOU from the depths of my AWAKENED HEART.”

~Rubi <3, Redondo Beach, CA

“In a very short period of time Cynthia helped to guide me to recognize some irrational beliefs that were holding me back. I credit her commitment to service, compassion and deep knowledge of the human spirit with enabling me to lead a richer life.”

~ D.R., Torrance CA

“Cynthia is awesome! She has her Own magic and her magic can and Will transform you. I had The chance to receive her magic and I felt on top of The World! Thank you so much!”

~ J.M.

“Cynthia came into my life at just the right time. I was ready for more! More Love, more personal responsibility, more peace, more abundance, more self-confidence, more understanding of how the universe works. I have tried every healing modality in the book and out. It all brought me so much growth and understanding. BUT, nothing, I mean NOTHING compares to the peace and connection I experience now due to my work with Cynthia. I have freed myself from so much judgment of myself. So, rarely do I feel judgment towards others. And when I do, I recognize it and move through it. This means I make decisions that truly serve me and those around me based on truth. I FEEL SUCH FREEDOM!!!! If you are ready to live the life you were born to live, do yourself and the world a favor, take Cynthia’s class and go to her one-on-one. You are worth it!!! In Peace,”

~ Satya Heather Reyes, Redondo Beach, CA

“Dear Cynthia, Your classes, individual and couples counseling sessions have been a blessing to me in my relationship to myself as well as others. You have given me the gift of connecting to my inner power and releasing my old entrenched beliefs of being a powerless victim. Thanks to you, today I look at my past experiences in life as well as those that present themselves to me in the present as great gifts that allow me to own my part, do the best I possibly can and release that which is not mine; that which has burdened me for so long. When I sit with you one on one and you help me process events and release habitual ways of thinking and relating to life, you help free me of baggage and of a sense of heaviness I have felt for so many years. I have never worked with anyone who has given so much of themselves, and I have never felt so empowered and aligned with my essence as I do when I sit with you. Thank you for being a counselor, a guide, a compassionate listener, a source of light and direction. Deeply indebted to you.”

~ Nadine, Marina Del Rey, CA

“Dear Cynthia, I had a desire to find the person I could trust and feel safe with to help me unveil the many layers of “hurt” that I was feeling. After seeing, hearing and listening to many main-stream psychologists, I decided that their methods didn’t go deep enough to the core issue. After hearing about and meeting you, I immediately felt compelled to start my healing process. And now, after a handful of personal sessions and a class under my belt, I feel armed with the necessary tools to really, honestly make a difference in my own life. It has taken me years, and many wishes to find a person like you and I feel so overwhelmingly grateful that you live in our community for me to personally see. I no longer have a need to keep searching for answers outside myself and feel that you have really empowered me to heal on my own, whenever I choose to do so. God bless you Cynthia, and may all the love the Universe has to offer flow to you daily.”

~ R.J., P.V., CA

“My experiences with Cynthia have been unforgettable. My initial session with Cynthia was supremely directed, without a moment of waste. She led me back along strands woven in time to painful experiences, guiding me to look at them from a higher perspective, gently but firmly leading me toward forgiveness of others, then self. The effect of my work with her, along with being in her soulful, guileless presence, empowered and uplifted me. Two weeks after my first session with her I was sitting in meditation one morning when I began to cry. Suddenly, I became aware of myself equally in both my higher self and wounded self. My inner being began to shower love and compassion on the part of me that was in pain, like a mother would to her beloved child. A lovely moment, indeed, and a first! But nothing could’ve prepared me for what unfolded next. In the weeks and months following, it slowly began to dawn into my consciousness that the underlying anger I’d carried my WHOLE adult life — that colored my attitude, thoughts, feelings and actions — was no longer there. I’ve changed in a HUGE way: I’ve let go of being repressive, I’m much more communicative of my thoughts and feelings, it’s no longer difficult for me to apologize when I need to, I let go of my longstanding attitude toward my ex, and my relationship with my husband is vastly improved. Cynthia is an angel of light whose arc of influence changes the lives of her clients on a deep level, spreading a rippling effect of healing on the lives of the people connected to her clients.”

~ Denise Miller, MI

“I am so blessed to have worked with Cynthia; she is an amazing facilitator and healer and has helped me to shift my life on such a deep level. She has provided me valuable information and tools that will continue to benefit me and my relationships throughout my life. Thank you for the work you are doing in this world. Love, Rowena”

~ San Pedro, CA

“I was thinking about where I started with you last August and how far I’ve come. It’s like a mosaic that started off with just little bits and now has a more complete picture. I want you to understand how important you have been in my life. I have had the highest growth ever with you and will always be deeply grateful for the help you’ve given me at this most pivotal point in my life. After our last session, I felt released from the guilt/badness I’ve been carrying for at least this lifetime. Like a weight being removed from my shoulders and now I can stand up straight, tall and healthy in the center of my life. I thank you and bless you…”

~ Constance, Morro Bay CA

“From Cynthia Lamb , I have obtained invaluable tools that I use to reach the next-highest level of my life’s journey. My spiritual, mental and emotional horizons are ever-expanding as a result of my encounter with her.”

~ HPO, Santa Monica, CA

“When I first started working with Cynthia I was struggling with events from childhood and adolescence and felt desperate to understand why. Cynthia gently guided me through these experiences so I could learn to understand the hurt and begin to heal old wounds. At the same time I could see how these events and experiences had shaped me, my personality and behavior. During this process, she also helped me recognize my own judgment and perspective. Now I’m on my way to seeing actions through love and acceptance with practice every day. Without Cynthia, I would not be able to see this in myself or others. I also feel I have become more understanding of my loved ones, which has vastly improved my relationships with them and with myself.”

~ A.K., Los Angeles, CA

“Cynthia hears and accepts us for who we are. She is an interpreter for something bigger and teaches us to heal ourselves with love.”

~ K. A., Santa Monica, CA

“My issues I had before are gone so ‘well’ that I can’t remember what they were. I learned self-love, acceptance and most importantly, how to take care of myself inside.”

~ R.S., Palos Verdes, CA

“I first met Cynthia the summer of 2004 and she was so patient and also very direct in her information about how I could grow and learn and continue on my path. Her processes were completely effective as I took hold of what was offered. She has always been consistent and spiritually grounding in my life. Now many years later, I am amazed at the progress I have experienced and so grateful for her assistance each time I have contacted her. When I am working with clients myself, I often say something that I know is a result of her continuing work with me on my Soul’s journey.”

~ H.L., CA

“In my last year with Cynthia, I have grown more than I had in my 20 years of life previous. I feel that I am starting a new life with the wisdom that she has shared with me, a life of peace and understanding.”

~ S.S., Palos Verdes, CA

“Thank you, for being so available. And, for your attention and alertness. You have a gift. Thank you, for giving me direction through your teachings and assistance to my healing. You have been so helpful to me. ”

~ Lola, P.V., CA

“Authentic, Kind, Concise, Focused, Action Oriented, Transformative, God-centered, Liberating, Practical, Loving and Supportive”

~ O.S., Palos Verdes, CA

“Cynthia Lamb’s presence in my life and her higher-thought teachings have assisted me in transforming every aspect of my existence. What I have come to understand about myself, humanity and the Universe is liberating in every conceivable way. As a teacher of teachers and healer of healers, Cynthia’s wisdom is vital for anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level in fulfilling their soul’s purpose.”

~ Victoria, Redondo Beach, CA

“She works within the highest level of integrity, honesty and confidentially. She knows how to make looking at one’s foibles interesting, fun and rewarding, amen!”

~ Marc W. Saldaña, Torrance, CA

“One of the best things about working with Cynthia is really getting to the heart of what issues are plaguing us and releasing them one by one. Traditional psychology and counseling seem to allow for hours and hours of talking that may or may not have tangible results. At the end of the session, your therapist may have just sat there listening to you speak the whole time! Working with Cynthia has allowed me to trace my life down to my thoughts and beliefs, and changing those one by one has made the biggest difference in my life, way more than any type of traditional therapy has ever done. I have discovered empowerment by being able to clear my old beliefs and patterns and create new, positive perspectives that allow me to move forward. I highly recommend working with Cynthia to anyone who is ready to take the steps to creating a higher way of living for themselves.”

~ S.S., Los Angeles, CA

“Loving, compassionate, insightful… (I’ve received) self empowerment, personal responsibility, grace :)”

~ V.B., Los Angeles, CA

“I have had the opportunity to work with Cynthia and experience many of her gifts. I have had profound healing, cleansing and growth while I counseled with her in one-to-one sessions. I have learned and gained in my own personal evolution and awakening in Cynthia’s personal transformation class series. I have been to each one of her amazing classes and I am always interested in more of her wisdom, tools, insight and knowledge that are shared. I feel very blessed to have Cynthia working with me and my family.”

~ SLE, Torrance, CA

“This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of Cynthia Lamb’s workshops. She is a graceful, wise teacher who presented information about energy, healing and our planet in such a great way. She truly presented her knowledge with tremendous love and openness. And I gained some fabulous practical tips on increasing my energy. She also led us through a terrific chakra meditation. If you have an interest in energy, healing, or the bodymind… I would so highly recommend checking her out.”

~ Jo Anna, Santa Monica, CA

“Thank you, Cynthia! You have an amazing gift, and I so appreciate the way my life changed and continues to change because of my work with you.”

~ N.T., Somewhere in South America

“Seriously, you are amazing. Simple, kind, and so generous!”

~ J.M., Quebec, Canada

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