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Vibrant Freedom’s purpose is about facilitating deep, lasting, soul-level healing and transformation on every level of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What kind of work does Vibrant Freedom offer?

Vibrant Freedom offers a path of Self-realization. According to the eight paths of yoga, this work falls under the Path of Wisdom. This is a path that generally attracts thinkers – people with analytical minds, excellent reasoning skills or highly developed intellects.

‘Thinkers’ may be totally on board and even lit up about exploring their spiritual nature – they connect deeply with Source and have amazing moments of bliss –  but the ‘thinking’ part of them can remain stuck in fear, self-doubt, critical self-talk or self-judgment. Some ‘Thinkers’ can be stubborn, critical and/or skeptical when it comes to spirituality, the esoteric and the metaphysical realms, often demanding ‘proof’ before their mind can get on board. These people have usually tried other methods of enlightenment (such as yoga, service or meditation) with little long-term success, finding it difficult or impossible to stop the endless litany of mind-chatter.

Through working with Vibrant Freedom, clients and students will gain first-hand, experiential knowledge that will take them out of a mental-level understanding into a deep, cellular-level knowing of how things work. They will learn how to discern their truth, to move from fear to trusting in their own guidance and inner knowing. Through a personally guided process of integration, they will bring their mind into alignment with the will of their soul, and will quickly begin to cultivate profound inner peace including deep silence in their mind. They will also foster the skill of authentic reason – reasoning from a place of truth and higher knowing rather than from fear and lack – learning how to use their mind effectively as a tool for creating a better world for both themselves and humanity.

Who does Cynthia work with?

Cynthia works with lightworkers, healers, coaches, transformational leaders and teachers who are ready to move into the final stage of healing – to finally and fully heal their core issues. Her students and clients are willing to do whatever is necessary to clear their crap in order to level up in every area of their life. She refers to her clients and students as ‘Self-made Masters’, as they have gotten to where they are by pulling knowledge from many sources rather than following one religious path or guru.

How do I know if this work is right for me?

Typically, Cynthia works with people who have done a tremendous amount of inner work on themselves (could be spiritual work, 12-step recovery programs, counseling or other forms of therapy, self-help or personal growth). Her clients come to her awake, aware and ready to move into their final phase of healing.

If you know your own issues, are observant of your own unhealthy patterns, see yourself still acting out from old, outdated programming and have a burning desire to finally – once and for all – clear, heal and fully resolve your stuff, and begin to live from a higher perspective in every way, then Vibrant Freedom is for you.

What sort of things will I work on with Cynthia?

Whatever needs healing and integration. Most of Cynthia’s clients rewire their entire belief system from fear-based beliefs to Love-based beliefs, creating a powerfully strong framework of Love and rationality from which to build upon.

You will have the opportunity to release all of your self-judgment, moving into full self-acceptance and self-worth. You will release old patterns of behavior that are no longer serving you – patterns like punishing self-talk, over-giving, procrastination, perfectionism, self-sabotaging, using food to feel better, or whatever specific behaviors are keeping you small – and in their place you will embody new, healthy patterns that support you to thrive. You will get intimately familiar with your major life lessons, and learn how to complete your spiritual curriculum finally and fully, so that you can move into greater service. You will integrate your shadow, heal your painful memories and bring all aspects of your consciousness out of suffering into the light and Loving. You will learn how to co-create your life with joy, knowing that you can have everything your heart desires.

What will I get out of working with Cynthia?

The benefits of working with Cynthia are life-changing, including internal benefits such as:

  • deeper connection to both Self & Source
  • greater access to spiritual guidance
  • ability to discern Truth vs. fear
  • greater self-trust and self-confidence
  • higher self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • more joy, lightness and contentment

The outer-level benefits are many and may include:

  • improved relationships with loved-ones, family & friends
  • better communication
  • more self-confidence in personal interactions
  • less stress, worry, anxiety and upset at life’s ever-changing circumstances
  • greater ease and flow with finances, work, time…
  • improved energy and vitality
  • ability to handle issues with grace and ease
  • healthier boundaries around others
  • much more…

What programs does Vibrant Freedom offer?

One-on-one 3-month Accelerated Healing Programs – if interested, apply for a free clarity session
One-on-one 9-month Mastery Program – by application only, email cynthia@vibrantfreedom for more info
2-year Conscious Healing Certification – by application only, email cynthia@vibrantfreedom for more info
Free workshops, courses, weekend healing intensives & retreats – check out events to see what’s new


What’s more expensive than investing in a Vibrant Freedom program?


  • Feeling disconnected, abandoned, alone and unfulfilled… possibly for the rest of your life
  • Stuck in a never-ending cycle of put-downs, telling yourself you aren’t good enough, smart enough, strong enough…
  • Reacting in anger or frustration, at the mercy of the triggers that continue to rule your life
  • Staying small, fearful and afraid to shine
  • Living with decades of old, unresolved guilt, shame and embarrassment
  • Knowing that you could be doing so much more with your life ‘if only…’
  • Continuously repeating the same old, co-dependent or addictive pattern, swearing ‘never again’ and then doing it again anyway
  • Settling for lack in any area – relationships, sex, health, wealth, connection…
  • Feeling like a powerless victim of circumstances beyond your control
  • Not understanding how to create lasting change and continuing to beat yourself up trying trying trying…
  • Stuffing 90% of your soul in a box in order to conform to a societal norm that you cannot even stand
  • Spending one more minute worrying more about what others think than about moving toward your heart’s desires
  • Growing older fearing you will never achieve your soul’s purpose or even come close to reaching your highest potential… that you will never be the person you came here to be
  • Staying dissatisfied, regretful, blaming, resentful or heartbroken – suffering in any way… when vibrant freedom is available

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