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Every day Cynthia grabs her turquoise notebook and opens to receive a message from Spirit. The guidance she receives is made available on this website, by e-mail and on Vibrant Freedom’s facebook page.

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Today’s Guidance: Keep Going

Keep going.  No matter what. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Your path may feel daunting.  That's OK. There may be some giant obstacle blocking your way or an army of scary monsters waiting on the other side of the bridge.  Keep going anyway. Know...

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Today’s Guidance: Do the Thing

Do the thing that brings you the most joy.  The thing that lights you up.  The thing that makes you feel the most alive, the most connected, the most turned on and lit up as you can be. When you follow your heart to the thing that brings you the most joy, you are...

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Today’s Guidance: Be Fully Yourself

Be fully yourself. Embrace your unique authentic self-expression.  You are the one and only. Don't be afraid of your uniqueness - celebrate it. Most people are so afraid to be themselves that they spend countless amounts of time and energy trying to be someone they're...

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Today’s Guidance: Be Gentle with Yourself

Be gentle with yourself. Speak to yourself with loving kindness. You are a divine child of God, and are therefore worthy of respectful treatment in every given moment. Most people are raised to believe that they are somehow bad, wrong, guilty, unworthy or shameful. ...

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Today’s Guidance: Know That You Can

You are capable. You have everything it takes to fully and completely realized your dreams and much more. The only thing that is standing in the way of your accomplishment is your limited belief in yourself. You say, "I can't because blah blah blah blah blah", and you...

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Today’s Guidance: Ask for more

Be willing to ask for what your heart truly desires. Don't hold back. When you hold back on what your heart desires, you're buying into the idea that something is lacking. That there isn't enough to go around. That you can't have what you want. Or that it can't...

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Today’s Guidance: Know your worth

Know your worth. Become the embodiment of the Divine. This is what you are here to do, yet it can be easy to get pulled back into the fear-based illusion of lack of worth. Of not being enough. Of being undeserving. Understand that these ideas are just old implants,...

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Today’s Guidance: Trust God’s Timing

Trust that everything you need to know is already within you. You are exactly where you need to be in any given moment. If there is something that you wish to know, and you have asked, and the answer has yet to come, relax. If the answer has not yet appeared, it may...

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Today’s Guidance: Become an Active Participant

Become an active participant in your own life. Begin to create with conscious intention. There's much being written about going with the flow that inaccurately implies a certain passivity. The idea that 'being the flow' somehow means just sitting back and accepting...

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Today’s Guidance: Be at peace

Be at peace. Do not spend one minute worrying about what is to come. When you focus on what is to come, or what is yet to appear in your life from a fear-based perspective, it is almost as if you are wishing to attract the very worst possible outcome. Think about how...

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