This is a story about my own journey from lonely and disconnected to fulfillment.

For much of my early adulthood, I struggled with feeling separate. Even in relationship, I suffered from feeling isolated, lonely, and disconnected. I attracted men who were disinterested and unavailable, and fair weather friendships with women who bailed the moment I needed support.

After years of feeling like a desert island, I finally cracked the code for connection.

My relationships were just a mirror for how I was relating inside of myself. I was unavailable for my own deepest pain, would do anything to avoid it. And I bailed on myself when I needed my own support the most.

My first taste of self-compassion was like a drop of heavenly ambrosia. I could practically hear it sinking into the dry cracks of my lips.

By the next morning I was parched and dry again, the delicious taste just a memory on the tip of my tongue.

I yearned for that taste again with a ferocity that had me shaking.

“Show me! Show me the way to feel like that every day!” I commanded my guidance.

And, as the law is ask and receive, I was divinely guided how to embody self-compassion.

That compassion brought me into deep inner connection with my Source. This soul-level connection has since nurtured me to overflowing with fulfillment. My inner territory is now a lush, verdant paradise, vibrating with well-being, deeply connected with all that is. It is blissful.

In addition, my outer reality has changed to reflect my inner level of connectedness. As I am available for myself, I now attract people into my world who show up with presence, mindfulness, depth, openness, and intimacy. Ahhhh… such a joy to share in mutual connection.

Today, I have more connection than I ever dreamed possible. And my heart simply continues to expand as I declare, “Thank you! More, please.”

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