“I am so boring. I sound stupid. My vocabulary is too limited. No one wants to hear my words.”

That is how I used to speak to and about myself. Let me tell you, that was not fun.

This post is about radical self-acceptance and how I got from hating to loving the way I communicate.
My idol was Dr. Mary Hulnick. She was everything I wanted to be. Sharp. Sophisticated. Highly educated. Eloquent beyond belief.

At the time I was enrolled in the University of Santa Monica where she taught a program in spiritual psychology.

One day during a class Q&A, I gathered the courage to raise my hand. “I have so much to teach,” I shared, “But I hold myself back because I judge my speech as too simple. I wish I could sound sophisticated like you. Instead, I find myself saying things like, ‘Wow, you look so sad.’”

Mary contemplated me for a long, silent moment with her deep, insightful gaze. Then she asked, “Cynthia, what did you do in your earlier career?”

“I taught preschool for ten years,” I sheepishly replied. The room of 250 students erupted in laughter.
Mary was beaming at me with her thousand-watt smile. “My soul’s work is to teach to the intellect at the Masters level; is it possible that you are here to reach people’s inner 2-year-old at the emotional level?”
I felt my whole body and mind saying, “YES!” and dropped a ton of dead weight.

Tears rolled gently down my cheeks as she continued, “You see, the universe always gives us exactly what we need to succeed at our soul’s work.”

Her words unlocked something deep within me, something easeful that gradually opened up over the next few years.

I stopped comparing myself as less than others and embraced my style of self-expression as divinely perfect.

I now accept myself just as I am. My words will reach whomever I am meant to reach.
Here is something for you to think about… and do share if you have a eureka moment:

What’s been holding you back?

Wanna get yourself into radical self-acceptance? I did a live self-healing with that topic on Facebook and you can replay it here.

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