I used to complain about my life. Constantly!

I wore my suffering like a badge, as if I thought there was some grand prize to be awarded for ‘Person Who Has Voiced the Most Suffering’.

For a good decade of my adult life I was unconscious of my pattern of complaining. But then I began my healing journey by monitoring my own thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Whoa. Talk about getting doused with a bucket of cold water!

For the first few months after my startling self-discovery, I cringed with embarrassment whenever a complaint escaped my lips. It felt humiliating to watch myself play such a pitiful victim role, whining, justifying, and blaming other people for my own misery.

There was a stark moment of just feeling all of the weight of my own suffering. It felt like a gigantic blob of self-pity that was trying to suffocate me. I held the weight of it fully. Then I thought, “Ok, so this is all mine. Now what?”

After pouring on the compassion, I was guided to find gratitude.

Complaining from the victim perspective comes from lack consciousness, I was shown. It says “Poor me”; “I don’t have enough ___”; “I can’t have ___ because ___”; and “It’s not fair.”

Gratitude, on the other hand, comes from prosperity consciousness. It says “I’m so blessed to have ___, thank you God!”; “There’s plenty for everyone.”; “Thankfully, we have everything we need.”; and “I’m so grateful for the abundance of ____ in my life.”

At first it felt like giving lip-service-I didn’t believe what I was saying. But then I began to search for things that felt true and genuine, focusing gratitude for those things I knew I did have.

Gratitude, I discovered, acts as a magnet to havingness.

The more grateful I felt for the blessings I had, the more blessing I began to have. The more I basked in gratitude for my many blessings, the higher my vibration rose, and soon I began attracting from prosperity consciousness instead of lack.

What a life-changer embodying a consistent state of gratitude has been.

Instead of misery, I now live in a state of radiant joy and contentment. And instead of lack, I’m now living a life of prosperity, wealthy beyond measure in all of the ways that truly matter.

I have a free live healing event on the topic of gratitude – the key to prosperity. Watch it here.

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