Keep going.  No matter what.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Your path may feel daunting.  That’s OK.
There may be some giant obstacle blocking your way or an army of scary monsters waiting on the other side of the bridge.  Keep going anyway.
Know that no matter how big, how scary or how intimidating your particular scenario may seem, that the only way is through.
Become ferocious about pushing through.
Because the truth is that the thing will never be as big or as scary once you commit to surmounting it.
Acknowledge your fears and then take a step.
Acknowledge your fears again and take another step – write the letter, make the call, schedule the thing, have that scary conversation, make the plan – whatever your next step is.
Watch your confidence grow with every step you take.
Feel the power building within you as you move forward despite your fears.  Feel the strength of your commitment to yourself expanding with every breath.
Before you know it, you will look back to see that that giant obstacle was really just one small steppingstone on your journey to freedom.

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