Do the thing that brings you the most joy.  The thing that lights you up.  The thing that makes you feel the most alive, the most connected, the most turned on and lit up as you can be.

When you follow your heart to the thing that brings you the most joy, you are naturally aligning with the will of your soul.

If you hold back, prevent yourself from doing what you truly love, you are denying yourself connection with your own soul.

Denying the pull of the heart brings on tremendous pain and suffering – depression, anxiety, resentment, sleeplessness, agitation and aggravation are all feelings that result from denying or suppressing connection with the will of your soul.

As painful as it is, many people will spend their whole lives fighting the call of their heart, refusing to line up with their true divine nature.

They succumb to societal norms, to fears of being different. “What will the neighbors think?”  Which, if you really think about it is very silly, because people rarely look up to their neighbors.

The people they look up to the most – the inspiring artists, the award winning writers, the elite athletes, the courageous firefighters, the brilliant scientists, the innovative engineers, the breathtaking dancers, the wildly successful entrepreneurs or the radical peacemakers – are all people who have bucked the fear-based conditioning, thrown caution to the winds and followed their inner calling – the calling of their heart.

In doing so, they become lit from within – a divine inspiration – as they follow and fulfill their soul’s purpose.

Follow your heart to the thing that really lights you up.  Become the embodiment of divine inspiration.

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