Be gentle with yourself.

Speak to yourself with loving kindness.

You are a divine child of God, and are therefore worthy of respectful treatment in every given moment.

Most people are raised to believe that they are somehow bad, wrong, guilty, unworthy or shameful.  And therefore they are deserving of punishment.

This sets up a lifelong pattern of self-inflicted punishment that comes in the form of negative, critical self-talk.

Every day, every hour and sometimes every minute, most of the human population is putting themselves down in some way – criticizing their choices, their words, that text they just sent, their work ethic, their body size, their appearance, their bank account, their parenting, their athletic or artistic performance, and basically anything they can use to convince them self that they are indeed bad, wrong, guilty, unworthy or somehow shameful.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

You are divine.  You are innately loving.  You are an intrinsic part of all that is.  You are as innocent as a newborn baby, and your worth is just a given.

When you come to understand your true nature as a beloved Divine Being, you will begin to see the you have never deserved to be punished in any way; you only  thought you needed to be.

From now on, you can remember who you really are, and begin to treat yourself accordingly.

Speak lovingly to yourself in your own inner dialogue.  Speak kindly of yourself to others.  Practice treating yourself like the most rare and precious object – with gentleness, reverence and respect.

You are so worth it.

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