You are capable. You have everything it takes to fully and completely realized your dreams and much more.

The only thing that is standing in the way of your accomplishment is your limited belief in yourself.

You say, “I can’t because blah blah blah blah blah”, and you believe this nonsense is true.

You believe it is true because of some old story in your distant past that you’ve been playing over and over again in your life like a broken record or playlist of one.

Every day you hear that same old song, and the song is so stuck in your head that you see it playing wherever you go. “See, that woman can’t either because blah blah blah.” And, “See that man, he tried that once and it didn’t work for him either.”

And everywhere you go you’ll find examples of why it won’t work for you – friends, cousins, uncles, friends of friends and complete strangers will be singing your song like a backup singers, everything coordinated and choreographed to validate that your same old story is right.

The only reason it is right is because you’ve made it so.

The minute you decide – and I mean the very minute you decide – to write another story, to choose a different song to play, the entire world will shift to support you to sing your new song.

The moment you decide “I can”, the universe will align to support you in your new belief.

Everywhere you look you will find validation for your new story – friends, cousins, uncles, friends of friends and complete strangers will be sharing stories about how they could and did and how other people could and did to support that you are right, you can.

Understand that it is simply a choice whether you can’t or whether you can.

Decide to believe that you can.

When you believe in yourself, anything becomes possible.

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