Be willing to ask for what your heart truly desires. Don’t hold back.

When you hold back on what your heart desires, you’re buying into the idea that something is lacking. That there isn’t enough to go around. That you can’t have what you want. Or that it can’t possibly exist.

This is fear-based thinking. This is the thinking that smothers 95% of the human population and prevents most people from reaching fulfillment.

And sadly, most people do not fight this thinking. They are resigned. Resigned to settling. Resigned to residing in fear. Resigned to struggling. They believe that this is simply the way it is. That things will always be this way. That life will never get any better.

Or, that if it does get better, it can only get a teeny tiny bit better – just enough to take the edge off of their stress and suffering. They are a victim to circumstance.

Refused to settle.

Instead, know that you are a creator of universes. This life is yours to co-create with the will of your soul.

Your heart is your compass. If you will follow it, your heart will lead you in the direction of fulfillment.

And this fulfillment is a vaster than anything you could ever possibly imagine.

Believe that it is possible. And ask for more.

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