Know your worth. Become the embodiment of the Divine.

This is what you are here to do, yet it can be easy to get pulled back into the fear-based illusion of lack of worth. Of not being enough. Of being undeserving.

Understand that these ideas are just old implants, designed to keep you small, silent and compliant. To remain a servant to the fear-based machine.

The moment you declare your worth – your intrinsic worth as a God-being in a body – you break free from the shackles of servitude.

You become liberated. You gain access to your authentic power. You reclaim your voice, your power to act in the highest good according to Divine will.

Think of it in this way: Divine Love is your source of power.

Imagine that you were a lamp, and your job was to shine your light. But for some reason, you were made to feel unworthy of plugging yourself in to the electrical outlet.

Maybe someone told you that you weren’t allowed to use that outlet, or that your lamp was too tall or that your light was too bright.

And so you remained dark, unplugged, feeling powerless and unfilled in your purpose.

Here’s the deal: you come equipped with your own special outlet.

Imagine an invisible cord streaming out of the crown of your head that’s plugged straight into Source-Energy. The moment you decide you are worthy, your light turns itself on.

Initially, your personality may try to turn off the light, pull the plug a few times or hit your dimmer switch.

But there will come a point, if you keep affirming your worth and your right to shine, where your light will burn brightly. The power will flow through you. You will be energized and fully turned on. Where you will know, in your heart of hearts and in every last cell down to the tips of your toes, that you are worthy of shining. That your worth is a given. That you are a light, and being fully plugged in is what you are meant to do.

This is your birthright. Claim your worth.

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