Trust that everything you need to know is already within you.

You are exactly where you need to be in any given moment. If there is something that you wish to know, and you have asked, and the answer has yet to come, relax.

If the answer has not yet appeared, it may mean one of several things:

First, you may not yet be ready to receive the answer.

In which case, becoming agitated, frustrated or impatient is not going to support you to move into receiving.

Second, circumstances may have yet to unfold which will reveal the answer. Becoming anxious or impatient will in no way speed the enfolding of life events.

Third, the answer to the question you are asking may be somewhere down the line in your future with much learning or experience to be had stacked in front of it.

In which case, you might not be asking the right question for this particular time and space. Becoming impatient will not support you to begin asking the right questions.

When you relax completely into the moment, trusting that you know exactly as much as you need to know right this very second, and you allow space for what is – which means you are residing in full self acceptance – you allow space for Spirit to move within you.

Within this relaxed space, an openness, a playfulness will bubble up. You’ll feel a curiosity, a sense of wonder. A completely new question may arise. You may have a feeling of excited anticipation, or you will be simply observing what is taking place with a sense of detachment.

This is the space of receptivity. From within this space, answers will begin to be revealed to you in their own divine timing.

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