Become an active participant in your own life.

Begin to create with conscious intention.

There’s much being written about going with the flow that inaccurately implies a certain passivity. The idea that ‘being the flow’ somehow means just sitting back and accepting your current circumstances and then accepting whatever comes along next.

In this model, life is happening ‘to’ you. There’s a higher model where you are happening to life – where you are actively contributing as a conscious co-creator, creating the kind of reality that best supports you to thrive.

If someone is sitting in their house all day, day after day, watching TV, eating junk food, and you say, “what’re you doing?” and they say, “Ah, I’m just going with the flow”, chances are good that they may actually be resisting the flow.

Because the flow is moving. The flow is dynamic.

The flow is going to be urging them to get up off their butt and go do something – anything.

Meditate. Dance. Run through a field of wildflowers. Climb a tree or a mountain. Make love to someone. Paint. Write a novel. Learn something. Invent something. Listen to someone who is suffering. Lend a helping hand. Build something. Or pick up a canoe and put it in the river.

Going with the flow involves active participation, the willingness to listen to your most gentle inner guidance, a receptivity to hear the whisper of your soul that says, “go over here and do this, do it now”, and then you get up and go do that thing.

When you follow that flow, you will be blown away by the amount of joy, synchronicity, serendipity and pure brilliance that will flow into your life.

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