Be at peace. Do not spend one minute worrying about what is to come.

When you focus on what is to come, or what is yet to appear in your life from a fear-based perspective, it is almost as if you are wishing to attract the very worst possible outcome.

Think about how silly that is. It is like wishing for clean organic food, growing your own organic food – food that is beautiful and completely natural… and then you are so worried about this food being clean that you wash it with poison before eating it.

Understand that your thoughts can be like a toxic chemical; they can cloud over your beautiful manifestations like a cloud of gas with toxic fumes filling the air, causing a haze on an otherwise clear, sunny day.

Learn to allow your creations to grow without spewing fear or worry-energy all over them.

The gardener does not have to worry about his plants blossoming. He can tend to them with care and diligence, and then relax back with a peaceful heart, trusting that if they are meant to bloom, they will.

Of course a big storm could come. Of course there could be a late frost.

But these circumstances are out of the gardener’s hands – they are the will of God. The gardener can only do his part and allow Nature to do the rest.

When you persist in worrying about what is to come, it is as if you’re attempting to control Nature herself or resist God’s will for you. It is a futile effort and a waste of your own precious energy.

Drop the worry thoughts. Kick back and enjoy your garden. Be at peace, knowing that the plants you’ve planted that are meant to blossom will blossom, and the ones that don’t weren’t meant to bloom.

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