Embrace change.

Change is a constant; everything is always changing whether minutely or on a grand scale.

When you understand the nature of change as fundamental to all life, you can begin to accept it with more grace.

It is only the personality, stuck in fear, who resists change.

As a result of their fears, people tend to cling – to people, places and things. They cling to jobs that are no longer working, to clothing that no longer fits, dishes with chips in them and relationships that are no longer satisfying.

Rather than let go and move toward something better, they come up with dozens of reasons why they should hang on. “I still need this because blah blah blah”… “What if I can’t find another job? At least this one offers insurance.” “But it is such a nice dress… maybe one day it will fit me.” “I love these dishes, so-and-so gave them to me as a wedding gift.” “But she’s such a good person. Everyone tells me how lucky I am I’d be crazy to walk away.”

One of the biggest snarlups from Spirit’s perspective is that the greatest fear in letting go is in thinking that that implies judgment – that you would be ungrateful for the job that provided security for all of those years. Or imply that you didn’t value the beautiful dress that cost $100. Or that you didn’t appreciate the gift of the dishes. Or that you didn’t recognize what an amazing person your partner was.

Understand that everything is innately good. Everything serves a purpose.

When it is time for you to move on from someone or something, it in no way implies that that person or thing is wrong or bad in any way; it simply means that that person situation or thing has finished serving its purpose in your life.

And it’s actually needed elsewhere.

When you cling out of fear, not only do you prevent yourself for moving forward, you are actually mucking up the works for everyone around you.

There is someone waiting for that job that you are refusing to leave. There’s someone searching for that very dress that you refuse to donate. There is someone who could really use those dishes you’re so attached to. And there’s someone who is a more appropriate match for the partner you are afraid to release.

Things are getting shuffled around here on planet earth in a beautiful, divinely-perfect, magical way according to their vibration and the laws of attraction.

When you can embrace this movement, embrace the ever-flowing process of change, you will begin to experience gratitude and expansion on a whole new level.

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