According to the American Cancer Society, in 2015 over 40,000 women died after being treated for breast cancer in the U.S. alone. The saddest part of that, for me, is that this is an issue that’s absolutely possible to heal naturally – if a woman is willing to look deeply at herself – using the conscious healing process.

My aim is to shed light on what actually causes the issue currently known as ‘breast cancer’. In this blog, I’ll do so by sharing an inspiring story of one woman’s journey of conscious healing.

Not Everyone is Ready to Hear the Truth About Healing Cancer

Now, before I jump in, let me just say up front that this information won’t be for everyone and that is Ok.

To understand what I’m talking about here requires a sense of your own intrinsic wholeness, an appreciation for the body/mind/soul connection and the ability to be open-minded to the idea that healing is a natural thing.

Not every woman will want to hear what I have to say, or care to take personal responsibility for the lack of ease that is present in her own life and body. So I’m only writing this for the particular women who can hear me, those who are truly ready for radiant health and will appreciate the information I am sharing here.

The True Nature of Breast Cancer

What is commonly referred to as a cancerous tumor in the breast is what I call the natural outcome of having an unresolved ‘nurturing conflict’. A nurturing conflict arises when a woman’s body gets the signal to begin making more breast tissue out of a biological imperative based on something that is happening in the woman’s life – something that has caused her a big shock or upset in the ‘mothering’ arena.

Over the years, I’ve had the joy of help many women completely heal their nurturing conflicts and transform their lives for the better in the process. Here is Debbie’s story:

A Woman with a Strong Instinct to Heal Herself

Debbie was a lively woman in her mid-fifties with strong intuition who had decided to seek alternative treatments for her ‘breast cancer’ diagnosis. She had heard about me through a friend, and was eager to begin her healing.

When I shared that what causes the breast to need to grow more tissue is a conflict around her ability to nurture, that idea rang true inside of her loudly and clearly, like a giant gong.

She shared that she had several issues which could have triggered up her nurturing conflict – a grown co-dependent son, an aging mother and an overly-demanding boss. Every way she turned, someone was pulling on her to meet their needs.

Exploring her World…

Her son was an immature, unkind, young adult who was used to having his mother at his beck and call. Debbie confessed to spoiling him rotten as a child to make up for his absentee father. Unfortunately for Debbie, her son had never even learned to cook, shop or do his own laundry, and was still expecting his mother to take care of him even though he was beyond old enough to be self-sufficient. Yet no matter how much she did for him, he always managed to make her feel bad – like she just wasn’t doing enough.

Next up was Debbie’s mother – a bitter, demanding woman who was confined to a wheelchair. Although Debbie had three other siblings, somehow she had gotten stuck with daily ‘mother’ duty. Her mornings included rushing to her mother’s house before work to make breakfast; evenings involved taking care of dinner, laundry, and bathing. Weekends were spent cleaning, weeding the garden, and pruning the rosebushes while her mother yelled demeaning criticisms from the front porch.

Finally there was Debbie’s boss, a man with the same demanding and critical tone as her mother. No matter how hard Debbie tried, she just couldn’t seem to please him. And because Debbie was a chronic people-pleaser, she just kept trying to do better. Over the years, she’d gradually taken on more responsibility for the company, until now she was shouldering enough work for three employees. Yet when she’d asked for a raise last year, he’d complained about her recent performance so stridently that Debbie had ended up apologizing – thoroughly guilt-stricken – for not managing her duties better.

She Had Several Handfuls of Possible Triggers

Each one of these situations could have produced a particularly stressful event which might have led Debbie to develop a nurturing conflict – the day she’d been turned down for a raise, the time her mother had fallen, the agonizing scene where her grown son had had a screaming tantrum in front of the neighbors… There were so many triggering events in her life she was unable to pin down the inception of her tumor.

But it didn’t really matter because the message her body was sending was coming through loud and clear – all three of these situations together were making her life a living hell. One thing was for sure, there just wasn’t enough of her breast to go around.

Debbie had her healing work cut out for her. Luckily, she was sick enough of being stressed out, miserable, overworked and underpaid to look deeply at her own beliefs and behavioral patterns.

Debbie Dove into Her Healing Process Head-First

She first identified a deep feeling of unworthiness, stemming from her early childhood with a critical parent. She had quickly developed a need to feel needed, and had made herself indispensable to her mother at a very young age in order to prove her worthiness to be taking up space.

So, it made total sense to her that her siblings had all bailed out on ‘mother duty’ – Debbie had already been handling everything herself for many years before her mother had become an invalid, and, while Debbie had made a few complaints, she’d rarely had the nerve to ask her siblings outright for their support.

She could easily see how this pattern of needing to be needed due to lack of self-worth had carried over into her parenting role and role at work – she’d basically signed herself up for a life of indentured servitude.

A Self-proclaimed People-Pleaser

Next, she saw how her caretaking role had set her up for living her life to please others. She had been taught at a very young age that other people’s needs were much more important than her own, and everything in her entire life experience had validated that idea. Her mother, son and boss were simply providing her with the daily proof.

She had lots of healing to do around all of the times she’d put other people’s wants and needs ahead of her own. When she finally became aware of how little she’d valued herself, Debbie’s entire world-view turned on it’s axis; she began to see her own needs as important, too, perhaps for the very first time.

She’d Never Dared to Dream

She realized that she’d never even allowed herself to dream because she’d always thought that her own desires didn’t stand a chance. When she thought about the possibility of being able to live her life for herself, it busted open a dam of suppressed emotion.

Debbie dove into her conscious healing process with a single-minded intention to let go of everything that was no longer serving her and to find herself, fully and completely.

As it turned out, not only did Debbie have dreams, she had BIG dreams – they’d just been hiding under all of the layers of guilt and shame and unworthiness. Once Debbie was clear of all of that pain, she discovered she was a strong, assertive, immensely competent, capable woman with a huge heart… and a deep yearning to travel.

Time to Follow Her Heart

Debbie revealed that she had a standing invitation to visit an old friend who was living in the South of France – that invitation was calling her name. Faced with the choice between living out the rest of her life as an unappreciated servant to her boss and family or following her heart, her decision was easy. It was past time to follow her heart.

Within a month she’d quit her job, turned her mother over to her siblings and kissed her son goodbye, handing him a basic cookbook and pointing out the grocery store on her way out the door.

No longer under pressure to over-nurture, her breast issue naturally resolved itself, and last I heard she was having the time of her life giving guided tours to sacred sites around the world.

You Probably Won’t Need to Jump on an Airplane

Not every woman’s life will take such a dramatic turn upon exploring and healing their conflict. But, my experience has shown me that the breast issue will not resolve itself unless some changes are made in how a woman views herself and her relationships toward the people she loves.

You might think I am on a mission to cure the world of cancer, but really that is such a small part of it.

Your Natural State is Ease

What I am really all about is helping people become fully and truly liberated, becoming free of the pain and suffering and free of the fears that have kept them living small and repressed lives… and in the process of becoming free of fear, that also means getting freed up from the fear of disease, if not from the disease itself. Moving out of dis-ease (in the very truest sense of the word) into ease on every level of Being.

As a soul in human form, your natural state is peace. If living from ease and peace is what you yearn for more than anything, sign up for a Free Clarity Session here.

Share the Love

If what you have read has resonated with you then please share this article with your friends and loved ones. Because the truth is that no woman has to suffer from an on-going nurturing conflict when the tools for natural issue resolution are available.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,

Cynthia <3

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