One issue that affects millions of women every year is breast cancer. My heart just wells with compassion for the women, families and loved ones who are affected by this… And…

A Breast Cancer Diagnosis Doesn’t Have to be a Tragedy

What if you could learn to heal your own breasts – and heal your life – without harming your body in any way? I’m here to tell you that it’s possible.

Not only is it possible, it is absolutely doable… If you are willing to look deeply at the root cause of your disease and grow spiritually. If you are willing to commit to doing whatever it takes to reach a healing resolution.

That’s what I’d like to share with you – I want you to know that you have a truly natural and healthy choice.

You can Choose Conscious Healing

Many woman know, deep down within themselves, that there is something profoundly powerful inside of themselves that is just beginning to awaken… and that they are capable of so much more than they have ever given themselves credit for.

This power begins to stir when the fear arises upon hearing a positive ‘breast cancer’ diagnosis. If the fear can be channeled into determination to self-heal, this crisis can bring about an unprecedented opportunity for self-realization.

The truth is that healing your own body consciously can quite possibly be both the most challenging and rewarding opportunity this life has to offer.

Breast Cancer can be a Touchy Topic

Now, I am fully aware that this topic isn’t for everyone. It’s a radical idea… trusting in yourself to heal your own body… It’s wild and potentially terrifying, I know. So I want to preface this post with whom this information is for:

  • This is for women who are spiritually awakened, aware of themselves as a soul in a human body having a learning experience here on Earth-school.
  • This is for those women who are certain that there is a higher way to heal than what’s currently widely available.
  • This is for women who are sick of being told to be scared and distrustful of their own bodies and who are ready to get back into full alignment with their true Loving nature, which includes radiant health.

If this sounds like you, then this one’s for you. I invite you to join me as I dive into the heart of this subject from a spiritual perspective.

Conscious Healing is a Skill – It is Totally Learnable

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve had the joy and honor of helping hundreds of women heal themselves naturally using a conscious healing process. It is totally learnable if you have the right tools, information and support.

So here’s the deal in the most simplified terms: you, as a soul in a human body, are always learning and growing. Your natural state is one of Love, peace and ease. Everything that is happening in your life is ultimately geared toward bringing you back to your natural state of ease.

Your Natural State is Peace

Whenever you move out of the state of ease into a state of disease, your natural instincts – often in the form of sleeplessness, agitation or distress – will be compelling you do whatever it takes to resolve the conflict to bring yourself back to peace.

This concept can be challenging to wrap the mind around, because, in today’s modern world, most of us are used to operating under tremendous stress; the idea that peace is our normal state can seem like a strange and foreign concept. Some women do not even have a frame of reference for what true ease feels like.

A huge part of the conscious healing process is about learning how to become connected with the body’s innate ability to heal, and to embody inner peace as an everyday state of being.

Your Body is Simply Following a Set Biological Program

When you develop a deeper understanding of how your body naturally works, you will be able to drop your fear, your worry, and your judgment about what is happening if you find yourself in a physical state of dis-ease.

When symptoms of dis-ease present themselves, your body is simply following a set biological program. There is nothing wrong with how your body is responding. Believe it or not, your body is always on your side.

So…. why would a woman’s body respond by creating a tumor in the breast?

A Breast Tumor is a Sign of a Nurturing Conflict

The issue known as ‘breast cancer’ is what I have come to know as a ‘nurturing conflict’ –if you have developed a tumor in your breast, it means you have experienced an acute nurturing conflict that’s triggered a very specific biological response in the body.

The ‘tumor’ is actually functional mammary gland, adding to the milk-producing capacity of the breast, to produce more milk for the young who are perceived to be threatened. There may not be any nursing children involved, but the body thinks there is! It is an awesome emergency adaptation to help mother and child survive.

What Kinds of Events can Cause a Nurturing Conflict?

When a woman has something shocking, traumatic or intense happen, this can trigger her body to immediately begin producing more breast tissue.

There are many different circumstances that can lead to the sort of triggering event which will set this ’emergency program’ into action inside of a woman’s body, including but not limited to:

  • A stressful divorce
  • Going back to work when children are still little
  • Feeling overwhelmed with work or mothering duties
  • A child going off to college
  • a serious problem with a child such as a health issue, drug problem, school trouble or arrest
  • An accident or death of a child or loved-one
  • Too many responsibilities
  • a financial crisis where a mother feels the situation might put her children in danger of going homeless or hungry

While most nurturing conflicts happen in mothers, any woman who has an active nurturing instinct can be susceptible to this kind of physiological shock.

You Will Never See a Wild Animal with an On-going Tumor in Nature

In nature, mother mammals go through breast conflicts all the time. Maybe their nest is threatened and they cannot leave their babies to hunt, or maybe they have to flee a predator and run for miles to find another home.

The mama animal’s body will quickly produce more breast tissue so that more milk is readily available for her babies. Once the immediate danger has passed, her body will naturally dissolve the extra tissue and the mother’s breasts will return to their normal size.

You will never see a wild animal with an on-going tumor in Nature because the animal takes instinctive action to resolve the issue – or dies trying.

Your Body Can Be Trusted

The important part I want to convey here is that a nurturing conflict is a normal and naturally-occurring bodily response to a sudden shock, not something to be feared. Your body can be trusted to take care of you – and your baby.

In a perfectly natural world, a woman who was deeply connected to both her physical body and her inner spiritual Being would be fully present to the initial shock and ride through the emergency program with appreciation and acceptance into full resolution.

In reality, most of us currently live in a state of disconnect – we are disconnected from our bodies, disconnected from our souls and disconnected from Nature and Natural Law.This lack of connection breeds fear, lack of self-trust and a sense of powerlessness.

Linking Mothering Ability to Self-Worth Compounds the Issue

What this means, unfortunately, is that today’s women tend to hang onto their fears, worries and self-doubts.

In many cases of a nurturing conflict, often the woman feels like her identity or her self-worth is wrapped up in her ability to nurture. The focus of her nurturing could be her partner, her child, her grandchildren, her students or her friends – it doesn’t matter who. Because she feels unworthy, she may seriously doubt or question her own capability to ‘mother’ to the degree she feels is adequate or acceptable.

This self-doubt can keep her body stuck in the active ‘state-of-emergency’ conflict, which means that the tumor will continue to grow long after whatever event that triggered the perceived threat has passed.

Letting Go of the Fear is the Fastest Way to Begin to Heal

In my experience, one thing is clear to me: getting out of fear and doubt and claiming your intrinsic self-worth is the fastest way to get back into alignment with your body and your own innate healing ability.

You have the ability to be fully connected, both internally and externally – connected to source at the soul level and connected to your body and all of Nature at the physical level. If that sounds amazing to you, and you’d like my support with getting connected on every level of Being, sign up here for a Free Clarity Session.

When you can learn how to get on board with a natural biological program – to see the reason for it and appreciate the beauty of it – your body will take care of itself in ways that are beyond anything you’ve ever even imagined.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,


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