So I’m having this long, heavily-weighted dialog with a guy on Facebook about the state of the world… the tense situation at Standing Rock over people’s rights to clean water, the spraying over the dreaded Zika virus, the possibility of a Trump presidency… and how it all comes down to consciousness. My last thought on the thread was slightly pessimistic… wondering if enough people on Earth-School will really wake up while there are still a few trees left.

And then I walk into my mother’s kitchen and find THIS on the windowsill. It is the strangest, wildest blossom I have ever seen. A shiny brown button – looks just like gleaming leather. Perfectly symmetrical. Stitched on the edges. Nestled in the centered of a tiger-print star. Absolutely amazing.

I stare at it for a long moment, slightly stunned. And then I burst out laughing. Who knew this astounding zebra-star button existed inside of this unsuspecting little cactus, sitting so demurely on a shelf in my mom’s kitchen window? It is ridiculous. And so incredibly uplifting I am having trouble even finding words…

It is saying to me – shouting, really – “ANYTHING is possible!” “Hang in there, don’t lose faith!” “SEE what can happen?!” “Everything blossoms in its own timing. Don’t worry about it! You just keep planting the seeds and watering…”

You see, this tiny cactus is just like us. Each and every one of us has something special inside. Something unique and wonderful, just waiting to burst out into full blossom and be shared with the world in all of its beautiful glory.

I really needed this reminder today – thank you, wild cactus blossom! Because every once in a while I forget to have trust… to trust in the beautiful, miraculous way that the evolution of consciousness is unfolding.

The truth is that people are waking up and blossoming all over the place, fed by a strong fertilizer made up of everything that is currently happening upon this plant. As much as it stinks, it’s the richest shit that creates the most rapid growth.

When I look to Nature, it is impossible for me not to see and know that the Divine Intelligence in all life forms is alive and well – even in a tiny little clay pot in my mother’s kitchen window.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,



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