I’m a peace-lover, an equality-lover, a freedom-lover… And a Trump-lover.

Now before you flip out on me, call me twenty unkind names, and unfriend me on FB, at least give me a minute to explain. When I say I’m a Trump-lover, I don’t in any way, shape or form mean I share his views, want to help him build a wall or support him to drop a bomb the first time a foreign minister farts in public.

What I mean is that I love Donald Trump as a human being, the same way each and every one of us human beings deserves to be loved – without conditions attached.

And today, I am inviting you – no, I am enthusiastically encouraging you – to love him up, too. Here’s why:

Hating Donald Trump is Hating Yourself

Seriously, hating Donald Trump is really just hating yourself. Every time you make a character-defaming, slanderous, judgmental comment, all of the cells in your body hear it and recoil. Both subconsciously and viscerally, you take it as a personal attack. You know these very words could be turned against yourself at any moment, and that feels totally unsafe.

And your body flinches with each new blow.

The more blows you strike against Donald Trump, the more defended you become, the more wounded, the more viciously your reacted, the worse you feel inside, the more poised for attack you become. It is a no-win cycle of abuse.

We Are All One Body

Now you might be thinking I’m full of shit or just speaking metaphorically – I’m not. I mean this literally.

At the energetic level, we are all one body, one unified field of consciousness. Whatever harm I do to someone else, I do to myself as well.

Having spent some time out in that Oneness where I was everyone and everything, this isn’t theory for me – it’s direct, experiential knowing.

There is No Separation Based on Personalities at the Soul Level

There aren’t some good souls that deserve love and respect and some bad souls who don’t. Every child ever born is a divine child and deserves love and kindness and respect.

There are no exceptions to the Love-rule, which is why inclusion is the basis for every major religion –before dogma buried it under a pile of crap. If you can filter out the crap and distill the teachings down to their essential truth, every world religion contains a message of universal love.

Love Thy President-Elect

To anyone hoping and praying for a more Loving world, the way is clear – Love thy enemy, Love thy neighbor, Love thy American president-elect. Understand that it isn’t just the way… it is the only way.

Today’s homework: Set a loud, clear, strong intention to drop the hatred and begin to demonstrate loving kindness toward Donald Trump in every thought, word and deed. Then actually Do it.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,


P.S. ~ If you are struggling to get out of judgment yet feel ready to embody a higher level of consciousness, consider getting some one-on-one support to help you get liberated; apply for a Free Clarity Session here.




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