Here’s what’s real: everyone loves to hate a hater.

Here’s what’s true: indulging our personality’s momentary need for instant gratification in the form of cruelty at someone else’s expense – whether out of fear, outrage, disbelief, opposing views or whatever – is currently taking our country down a very slippery slope.

Now This Idea Might be Wildly Unpopular

Now this idea I’m about to put forth here might be wildly unpopular in most circles, yet I am going to say it anyway in the hopes that anyone who can hear me will want to get onboard the Love-wagon.

First, I want to preface this idea with a few things about myself (because everybody prejudges).

I support Black Lives Matter and stand with Standing Rock. I believe in equality, women’s freedom to choose, public breastfeeding, transgender bathroom rights, a world free of GMOs, clean air and water, sustainable living… and that President-elect Donald Trump is worthy of respectful treatment from everyone. Yes, you read that last bit correctly.

The Truth isn’t Always Easy to Hear

Here’s one more thing about me – I work for God. Not that religious big-guy-in-the-sky-with-all-the-rules sorta god, but the actual-fiber-of-the-universe-is-Love God.

Having had 33 years to integrate a near-death awakening experience I had when I was 18, it’s about time for me to share some deep spiritual truths.

Not saying the truth is always easy to hear…

But here is what is true… even though it may sound crazy… See if you can open your heart for a second and just hear me out.

Donald Trump and I are ONE at the Being Level

Donald Trump is my brother in terms of how we’d view our separate bodies here in the earth-plane. We are all brothers and sisters, all children of God, yada yada… yeah, and we hate that brother, right?! This is kinda what is happening right now in many communities – yes, even the most spiritual ones – across America.  People are slamming this brother! This guy is our worst enemy, and we need to fight him, crush him, shit-talk him, right?

Ummm… sorry, not a good plan if you are at all interested in things like equality, liberty, justice or spiritual liberation. Attaining true freedom requires acting from a higher perspective.

Here’s the highest (kinda wild and wacky, I know) truth: D.T. is WAY more than my brother. Actually, from the God-perspective, there is no separation between us. At all. As in ‘none’.

At the Absolute level (which is freaking cool BTW, remind me to talk about that some other time), I AM Donald Trump, and Donald is ME. Hard to explain without sounding like I’m on a bad acid trip, I know, but there it is. And… this also means that, like it or not, you are one with Donald Trump (and every other Being) as well.

Just One Big Body Sharing the Same Heart

So when you spit on him, you spit on me and yourself at the same time. It’s like… we are all just one big body sharing the same heart, the same blood, the same breath…

Imagine that we are a giant, and Donald Trump is one of our big toes. Okay, so he is trying to get us to walk in a direction we really don’t like, maybe into a huge smelly pit filled with dog shit, and our foot is eagerly following.

Abusing and Vilifying our own big toe is not the sensible course of action. Every time one part of us hurls an insult, our whole body experiences the pain.

We Don’t Need to Follow This Toe into the Shit-Pit

Now, this does not mean we need to follow this toe into the shit-pit; we simply need to pull our collective muscles together and move our body in a different direction.

We still have another whole leg and upper body with two arms and a head, after all.

If we can’t get the foot to point away from the pit, we could plop back on our collective asses, use the knee-joint to stick our wayward foot in the air, and crab-crawl our way sideways until we’re far enough away from the hole to stand again without falling in.

The Child Who Acts the Least Lovable is the One Who Needs the Most Love

Here is your homework: Love Donald Trump as if he were your own big toe or your very own stubborn child.

This means treat him kindly and with respect (this means no name-calling) no matter what, and have clear boundaries about his behavior. Separate the behavior from the child.

And remember, the child who acts the least lovable is the one who needs the most love.

Many Blessings of Love, Joy and Vibrant Freedom,

<3 Cynthia

P.S. ~ If you would like to take a quantum leap out of suffering into freedom, to BECOME the Love you wish to see in the world, sign up for a Free Clarity Session to get started today.

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