Do you stress out over making mistakes? Beat yourself up for being less than perfect? If Perfectionism is a thing for you, it may be time to let that thing go!

Transforming my pattern of perfectionism into one of joy for the learning adventure has been liberating for not only me, but for my entire family as well. And, changing this thing is totally doable. The first step is simply acknowledging that perfectionism is causing you pain, and may not be supporting your highest good.

Here’s my story of recognizing how perfectionism was affecting my life.

Watching My Daughter Put Herself Down was Devastating

When my oldest daughter was about 10 or 11yrs old, one day I caught her drawing a picture, then wadding it up with a frown and throwing it into the trash can at her feet. I raced to the trash and began pulling out a dozen balled-up drawings.

As I frantically flattened, I asked her “Honey, what are you thinking? These are wonderful!” She glared at me and said, “They’re terrible, mom. I keep messing up.”

Watching my creative daughter put herself down like that was devastating. No matter what I said I couldn’t convince her that her drawings were beautiful… And she threw them all back into the trash the minute I turned my back.

I Was So Nailed

I couldn’t figure out where I’d gone wrong as a mom… I thought I was a loving and encouraging mother… why was my child being so hard on herself?

And then a few nights later I was penning a thank-you note to a friend – and I messed up. I tossed the card into the trash and reached for a fresh piece of stationary – and then I caught myself. “Shit shit shit!” I was so nailed.

I felt literally sick to my stomach

I felt literally sick to my stomach to think of how many times my children had seen me do stuff like that. I reached into the trashcan, took out the imperfect note, took a deep breath, then quickly scribbled out my mistake and finished the note. I dropped it into the mail that night so I wouldn’t change my mind.

Now I was hyper-aware of my own ugly pattern of perfectionism and how it was rubbing off on my children. But as hard as I tried to stop, it took me several more years to even begin to get a handle on it.

My Insides Were in Anxious Knots

I didn’t know how to get to the underlying beliefs that were keeping me stuck thinking that everything had to be exactly perfect. I was doing my best to allow myself to make more mistakes, but my insides were in anxious knots every time I forced myself to let go of redoing something. It was so stressful.

My beliefs were still screaming that I NEEDED to be perfect – that anything less than perfect was simply unacceptable. Ugh!

I Finally Figured out How to Change my Underlying Beliefs

After tons of trial and error, I finally figured out how to change my underlying beliefs and change my pattern of perfectionism, once and for all.

You, too, can get liberated myself from perfectionism and any other unhealthy patterns of behavior as well.  Free yourself up! Start to learn and grow with joy, ease and excitement instead of stressful pressure to be perfect. You are so worth it!

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,


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