Visiting my daughter and her partner in D.C. this week, helping them renovate their new motorhome for the next phase of their journey. We were in Costco looking at R.V. batteries when my daughter asked me to run to car to get her owner’s manual.

The Heat is Rising from the Parking Lot in Waves

I step out of the heavily airconditioned store into a blast of hot air. The heat is rising up from the parking lot in waves. I glance around, and suddenly realize that I have no idea where my car is parked. My daughter had driven, and I had been distracted by the unfamiliar scenery.

My eyes scan the vast sea of cars, spanning out in an inverted ‘L’ in two directions. Which way to go?

It Seems as Though I Have Only Two Choices

It seems as though I have only two choices. Instead of turning right or left, I take a deep breath, ignore the throngs of people pushing past me, close my eyes, and – with the sun beating down on me like a bonfire from above – I center myself and ask, ‘Where is my car? Please show me the way.’

Before my eyes are even opened, my body is turning to the left, confidently striding down the sidewalk. I walk all the way to the end, much further than I would have expected, to the very last row of cars, then turn right toward the gas pumps.

Halfway down the aisle, I arrive at my car. I am back inside of the store, manual in hand, within minutes.

Asking to be Guided has Saved my Ass

Now, this may not seem like such a big deal – following my intuition to find out where I parked my car. But it saved me from wandering a giant parking lot for who-knows-how -long in the blistering heat.

Asking to be guided – and staying quiet until the answer comes – has saved my ass on more occasions than I could possibly recall, including: what to do when I suddenly had to appear in court, avoiding what could have been a fatal car accident, finding an emergency place to live when my roof leaked and figuring out what direction to take to build my business.

You Always Have One More Choice

The universal law states: ‘Ask and Receive’. It truly works. I’ve always been guided with grace, ease and serendipity.

The next time you feel like there are limited choices and you’re not sure which way to turn, remember that you always have one more choice – the choice to turn within.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,


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