Are you tired of hiding and ready to shine? One of the most common fears that holds Healers, Lightworkers, and Conscious Leaders back and keeps them from stepping into their soul’s highest purpose is the deep-seated fear of persecution.

My Fear of Being Seen Went Much Deeper

Having spent about 25 years as one of the world’s best kept secrets, I am practically an expert on hiding. At first I was certain that my fear of being seen was because of my fear of speaking in front of a large audience…

After six years in Toastmasters – a seriously helpful public speaking organization I highly recommend for anyone who can relate to feeling petrified in front of a microphone – where I successfully conquered my public speaking fears, I came to the startling realization that my fear of being seen actually went much deeper.

Determined to get to the heart of it, I dove deep into my subconscious mind to the roots. And discovered that my very DNA contained cellular memory… of being beaten, raped, tortured, stoned and burned at the stake.

Wow, talk about eye-opening. No wonder I didn’t want to be seen as a thought-leader and had a hard time speaking my truth publicly!

Stories of Persecution are Widespread

Since tuning in to my own persecution fears, I’ve become aware that this fear is so common that most healers and tribe leaders share this phobia. And for good reason.

Stories of persecution are rampant throughout history – the Christian Crusades, witch hunts, the slave trade, the genocides – almost every country and culture has its own sordid stories.

And persecution based on race, gender, sexual orientation or nationality continues in many countries – including the U.S. – even to this day. For some of us, the fear of persecution is a very real and present thing.

I am Divinely Protected, and I Have a Voice

Discovering my fear of persecution brought up big feelings. Feelings of anger. Powerlessness. Grief. And Rage.

After releasing some of the pain, I was left with a different feeling. Determination.

I decided I was determined not to allow my fear to keep me silent in this lifetime. Not to allow my fear to keep me paralyzed. Not to allow my fear to keep me still, small or safe. The Hell with that.

I may have felt powerless in the past, but my truth today is that I am a strong and powerful woman. I am a force of Light and Love – a force to be reckoned with. I am a Divine Being, a creator with access to Divine Power and Grace… I am Divinely protected, and I have a voice.

There is nothing that can hold me back from fulfilling my soul’s purpose here. Knowing this truth, down in every last cell of my body, has freed me up in a big way.

Claim Your Authentic Power and Get Determined

If you have struggled to come out of hiding due to past or present persecution fears, I encourage you to process your fears, claim your authentic power and get determined.

As a first step, I highly recommend beginning a daily practice of spiritual protection. If you don’t already have a protection ritual, there’s a free energy protection course on my website.

Get yourself wrapped in Loving and get out there and shine. The world needs your Love, your Light and your VOICE.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom,


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