Do you ever feel badly about yourself but don’t know why?

This is where you will hear dialogs between people like, ‘I’m so depressed.’ ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘I don’t know.’ Or, ‘My life sucks.’ ‘Why?’ ‘Just because. Everything is so messed up.’

People who think their life sucks or that everything is messed up are usually running a never-ending loop of irrational self-talk and holding onto tons of self-judgments. Often people are running so much self-judgment that it causes a low-level hum, like white noise, and they cannot even begin to identify the individual judgments.

How can you identify the judgment if you can’t even hear it? The easiest place to start is to listen to the irrational thinking, follow the thinking to the irrational belief, and then follow all of the strings from the belief to the judgments.

In my experience, irrational beliefs almost always have energetic strings of self-judgments attached. Now that you know how to update your beliefs, you can begin to see and identify all of the self-judgment that has been stored alongside each limiting belief.

For instance, my irrational belief that ‘I was an unlovable child’ had dozens of judgments attached; I judged myself as bad, unworthy, unlovable, unloved, less-than, unwanted, despicable, pitiful, guilty, deprived and on and on.

My irrational belief that ‘women need a man to support them’ led me to discover judgments of unsupported, incapable, less-than, sexist, weak, pathetic, needy, co-dependent, undeserving of equality, undeserving of prosperity, undeserving of independence, and on and on.

Once you spot an irrational belief, I encourage you to get in there and squeeze until you’ve identified every drop of judgment surrounding the limiting idea! Identifying your judgment is like finding nuggets of gold. Judgment is stored energy that has been locked into a right/wrong reality inside your own consciousness. Remember that when you apply love and compassion to your judgments, a kind of spiritual alchemy takes place that immediately transmutes that old, stored energy into a vital and powerful healing force. The energy cannot be destroyed; it simply changes form. In this case, the judgment takes on a new, higher vibration of Loving and can be used in service to the entire world.

Is there a particular irrational belief that you’ve been holding that has been keeping you stuck in self-judgment? See if you can first identify the limiting belief, and then follow the strings of emotional energy to identify the attached judgments.

Right here, right now, I encourage you to set an intention to spend a few moments today applying compassionate self-forgiveness to clear and transmute these judgments.

You are a powerful Being. Know that each and every time you update an irrational belief and clear and transmute the surrounding judgment you are taking a step forward on your soul’s path toward the completion of your soul’s lessons, coming one step closer to fulfilling your own unique destiny upon the planet. Since we are all one at the level of consciousness, each time you clear one judgment or update one belief, the entire whole of humanity takes one step forward up the evolutionary spiral of consciousness.

Take full responsibility for your judgment, transmute your judgment into Loving and watch your entire life and the lives of everyone around you change for the better! Say, “I am a powerful Being. Each time I update an irrational belief or clear a judgment, the whole of humanity takes a step forward.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Identify an irrational belief then follow the energetic strings to identify all of the attached self-judgments. Update your belief and clear the judgments.

Declaration: “I am now diligently clearing all of the strings of judgment that have been attached to my limiting beliefs. I am a powerful Being. Each time I heal something within my own consciousness, the whole of humanity takes a step forward.”

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