Do you ever get down on yourself about your own awakening process?

I hear people on the evolutionary journey saying things like, ‘I should be over this by now’, ‘I’m not doing this right’ and ‘Will I ever get it?’

If you’ve been running any of this type of thinking, be gentle with yourself! It takes time to learn to use the tools for transformation, so be patient with yourself as you keep moving forward.

Maybe you’ve been running lots of critical self-talk, but your neutral observer can’t seem to spot the specific judgment. Or maybe you get confused between identifying an irrational belief and identifying a judgment.

These are common issues. To help clarify, your critical self-talk could be both irrational thought and judgment, or just irrational thought without a direct statement of judgment. However, with most irrational beliefs, there are usually strings of judgment attached. With critical self-talk, often the judgment is implied rather than direct. Let’s look at the difference between direct and implied judgment.

If you have the thought, ‘I am so stupid!’ it contains both a direct judgment and an irrationality; this is what I term an irrationality based on a judgment – ‘stupid’ is a direct judgment, because it is worded as an ‘I am’ statement, a reflection of your state of being.

To fully transmute the energy of this thought, you could apply compassion to the irrational belief first, saying something like, ‘I forgive myself for buying into the irrational belief that it is possible for me, a divine Being, to be stupid’. Then update it, ‘My updated belief is that I am innately intelligent, made out of source-energy which includes divine wisdom’ or whatever.

Then, you could clear the judgment, ‘I forgive myself for judging myself as ‘stupid’.’ State your truth, ‘The truth is that I am innately intelligent. I have access to divine wisdom. I can learn anything I want to know…’ and so on.

Now, if you are running critical thoughts that are purely irrational, they might sound like, ‘You never do anything right. You should have done blah blah blah. I can’t believe you did it like that. What were you thinking?’ This energy could be totally harsh & negative – it is clearly irrational – yet there is no specific judgment in the form of ‘I am’ or ‘You are’ statements present. Here, the judgment is implied.

So, you might be thinking, ‘How do I identify the judgment if it is only implied?’ It’s actually pretty simple: If your thoughts make you feel bad in any way – which self-criticism usually will – before you update your irrational beliefs, spend a few moments exploring your feelings. Ask yourself, ‘when I think this, what do I judge myself as?’ Just watch and the judgments will surface!

‘Hmmm… I feel wrong, stupid, incapable, not good enough, terrible, incompetent, a loser, etc.’ Once you’ve juiced the judgment from the critical thinking, you can move through the process of forgiving your irrational beliefs, updating your beliefs, and finally clearing all of the judgments with compassionate self-forgiveness and stating your truth.

In the first example, the judgment is easy to spot because it is direct – ‘stupid’. In the second, it is implied, so you’d have to dig underneath the critical thoughts to find it. Eventually, as you get used to observing your thoughts, you’ll begin to ‘hear’ and ‘feel’ the underlying judgments as soon as you identify the irrational thought.

Think about a recurring theme of critical self-talk that you run. What are the irrational beliefs? Are there any direct judgments? What are the implied judgments? See if you can juice the implied judgment. Be willing to look deeply.

I highly recommend exploring your feelings around your irrational thinking. Find any implied judgments. Then clear the judgment surrounding any of your irrationality.

Sometimes there is a ton of it. Not only can this judgment weigh you down, it can also keep the irrationality going. Say, “I am now exploring my feelings for any implied judgment attached to my old, irrational thinking.” If you both update your irrational beliefs and clear any direct or implied judgment any time you catch yourself running critical self-talk, you’ll soon be well on your way to internal freedom.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Explore your feelings for any implied judgment, any time you spot an irrational thought in your consciousness.

Declaration: “I now freely explore my consciousness for any judgment, direct or implied, attached to my old, irrational thinking. I am now both updating my irrational beliefs and clearing any surrounding judgment, in my highest and greatest good. I am gentle with myself as I learn how to work my internal process.”

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