Do you ever find yourself really judging someone or something, and you feel so upset you’d do almost anything to make the feeling go away?

How many times has this happened? Maybe you have gotten upset because of something someone said, and your mind just keeps circling around it, ‘I can’t believe she said that. How obnoxious and insensitive!’ Maybe you’ve gotten upset over something someone did, ‘I can’t believe he did that. How irresponsible and immature!’ Or maybe you’ve gotten upset over something that occurred, a situation, a natural disaster or an unexpected event, ‘I can’t believe it. How horrible, tragic, awful!”

People can stay stuck in ‘upset’ over anything for hours, days or weeks. Some people will stay in their upset for a lifetime – yeesh!

Thankfully, now that you are awake and aware, you can quickly learn the tools to get yourself out of the upset and into the freedom of the Loving. Your projections of judgment contain one of the handiest healing tools available. By utilizing your projections toward your personal transformation, you won’t have to stay stuck in the feeling of ‘upset’ for any longer than it takes to work your internal process.

Here are some steps you can follow when using the process of owning projections of judgment as a healing tool.

Step #1: Awareness – Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings; notice when you feel triggered or upset.

Step #2: Identification – Identify or label the projection of judgment; examples: ‘Lady is fat.’ ‘Driver is stupid.’ ‘Husband is a jerk.’

Step #3: Ownership – Own the projection of judgment as your own; claim, ‘This mirror is about me.’

Step #4: Self-exploration – Ask yourself questions like, ‘How does this judgment (fat, stupid, jerk) resonate as a judgment inside of me?’ ‘Have I ever thought this way about myself, past or present?’ ‘Have other people ever called me this or judged me as this?’ ‘Do I judge this as ‘bad’ or not Ok in anyone else?’ ‘Do I believe that God judges this as ‘bad’ or not Ok?’ and ‘How’s holding onto this judgment working for me?’ Be willing to examine your own consciousness fearlessly!

Step #5: Self-forgiveness – Free yourself from the judgment by applying the energies of Love and compassion. Take the judgment from right/wrong, good/bad reality into the grace of the Loving. State the truth from a neutral perspective.

Step #6: Blessing – Give thanks and blessings toward your mirror. Feel and express your gratitude for the healing opportunity this projection of judgment has provided for you.

Let’s take an example and go through the steps.
Recently, my friend, Camille, noticed she was really triggered up by a man who had asked her to move her car just as she’d begun parking (step 1: awareness).

She freely listed the judgments she was feeling toward him – rude, selfish, superior, entitled… (step 2: identification).

Knowing that she had the power to use this upset toward her transformation, she willingly owned the projection, saying to herself internally, ‘This is about me’ (step 3: ownership).

Next, she began to look deeply at herself, asking herself, ‘How does this resonate within me?’ She realized that while she had been angry at the man over the parking spot, she’d been feeling entitled to the spot herself. She’d felt a feeling of ‘better-than’, thinking something like, ‘Who does he think he is? The nerve of him asking me to move my car so he can park here?’

Right there, she identified a feeling of ‘selfish’ or ‘self-centered’, as she laughing realized that he had just as much right to wanting that parking spot as she did. In fact, he had the greater need, as he’d had an elderly mother to drop off, and there were no other open parking spots nearby. And, she could certainly identify her prickly response to him as ‘rude’. When she looked deeper, she was able to see that she had judged herself as these things many times throughout her life (step 4: self-exploration).

She naturally began to apply compassion to herself, seeing all the times as a child she had been called ‘selfish’ or judged herself as ‘rude’ or ‘self-centered’ in any way. She forgave the irrational beliefs she’d been holding, updated them, and then cleared the judgments, saying, ‘I forgive myself for judging myself as rude, selfish, self-centered, self-serving, better-than, superior and entitled. The truth is that I am a Loving, caring, compassionate divine Being, equally deserving as every other Being.’ (step 5: self-forgiveness).

Then she expressed her gratitude toward the man, ‘Thank you for mirroring these judgments for me. Many blessings of light and appreciation to you’ (step 6: blessings).

By the time Camille finished, she felt lighter, joy-filled and totally free of the upset.

Think of a recent upset you experienced. What was the triggering event? What were your judgments around this feeling of upset? Take a moment to see if you can identify your judgments.

The process of owning your projections of judgment is a liberating and life-changing experience. Once you fully claim your bags of judgment, it’s up to you to determine how much baggage you want to continue to carry around on a daily basis. If you want to lighten up, to become more enlightened, you can clear your judgments through the process of owning your projections of judgment and applying compassionate self-forgiveness. Say, “I now have the tools to heal my own upset. I now know how to fully own my projections of judgment.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Take a recent upset and work through the steps to fully own your projection of judgment.

Declaration: “I now have the tools to heal my upsets. I am now working my internal process around any projections of judgment and applying compassionate self-forgiveness. I am liberated.”


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