Do you ever find yourself judging someone or something, and you just can’t seem to let go of the upset?

Because most of humanity is living in the fear-based, right/wrong reality where everything is judged, getting stuck in a judgment is a pretty common occurrence.

You will hear men stuck in judgment towards an ex-wife say, ‘She is a cold-hearted, selfish _____’. Women, stuck in judgment toward an ex-boyfriend say, ‘He is a mean, unsupportive _____’.

Everywhere you go you will see people judging other people, places, events and things. Teens judging each other, their parents and the school system. College students judging each other, society and the system. Young adults judging older adults, the government and the media. Older adults judging younger people, the media and the system. Whew! The judgment seems endless.

When you judge someone or something other than yourself, this is what is known as a projection of judgment.

The truth is all judgment of others is ultimately really self-judgment; a projection of judgment is a defense-mechanism that we use to deflect certain feelings of self-judgment off of ourselves.

Why would we do this? Well, your essence is Loving. You are sourced from infinite Love, and your true nature is to act and feel joyful at all times. So, when you felt bad inside of yourself as a child, it went against your soul’s true nature as a Loving Being. This didn’t feel good, didn’t feel in alignment, yet you didn’t have any tools to deal with the internal discomfort. So, to help you out, your psyche unconsciously tried to deny this bad feeling and blame it on someone or something else. If you could put it out there onto someone else, you wouldn’t have to feel so bad.

This defense mechanism works great as long as you remain unaware, asleep and steeped in right/wrong reality. When you awaken to your Loving nature as a divine Being, it becomes time to get out of denial, take personal responsibility and to begin owning all of your projections of judgment. Once you begin to identify your projections of judgment and self-judgments, you can start using your judgment to heal.Self-judgment sounds like negative, unkind, unsupportive, critical words that come into your thoughts as ‘I am’ or ‘You are’ statements. Self-judgment is fairly obvious to spot once you have activated your neutral observer.

Projections of judgment happen when the negative self-judgments you are running are too quiet, too suppressed or too uncomfortable for you to deal with openly and consciously. The good news is, once you understand how projection works, you can immediately bring your judgment out into the open and begin to work with it consciously.

Let me give you a specific example of how this works. Say you are driving down the street, and some other driver cuts you off. You might find yourself judging them up. ‘What a jerk! How rude. Totally inconsiderate. What was he doing, sleeping at the wheel?’ Now that you are awake and aware and listening to your own thinking, it will be easy for your neutral observer to take note of the judgments you are projecting out onto someone.

Make a list of the judgments: jerk, rude, inconsiderate, asleep at the wheel. This information is your gold. These judgments are pointing a direct arrow to the places inside of yourself where you have personal energy stored inside of one of your bags of judgment. The more upset you feel towards the other person, the heavier the energy of judgment you have been holding.

Are there certain things that seem to happen repeatedly in your life that upset you every time? What are the judgments that you project about that situation? Be willing to look deeply. Make a list of the judgments.

If you begin to explore this projection of judgment, chances are pretty good that it will feel familiar to you. You may find yourself frequently feeling these same judgments towards other people or other events. And, if you are ready to take full responsibility, you will own that you have been judging yourself as these judgments in some way, consciously or unconsciously.

Your power is in shining the light within, identifying the judgments inside of yourself so that you no longer need to defensively put it out there onto someone else. Say, ‘I am now willing to take full responsibility for my projections of judgment.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Take full 100% responsibility for the judgment you have been projecting out on to other people, situations, events or things.

Declaration: “I now know that what judgment I project out onto someone or something else is really my own. I am now willing to take full responsibility for my projections of judgment.”

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