What if you discovered that the judgments you have habitually been running inside of your head were more valuable than gold? Wouldn’t you get excited to start mining internally for judgment?!

Now, you may think I’m exaggerating here. You are probably thinking, ‘What is she talking about? How could judgment be worth anything, let alone the price of gold?’

I’ll be quite honest with you. It took me awhile to get onboard with the idea that my judgment itself wasn’t bad, and that I wasn’t a ‘bad person’ for having judgmental thoughts. But once I acclimated to the idea that I could accept my judgment as ‘Ok’ and normal, an incredible shift began to take place in my life.

Here’s what I learned. We each carry around metaphorical bags filled to the brim with judgment. These bags contain tremendous amounts of stored energy. What you’ve put into your personal bag is your own energy. The great thing about energy is that it cannot be destroyed; it can only change forms.

What this means is that you have the power to change all of the energy that you have put out into your bags of judgment. You have the power to transform your judgment into Loving. This is an energetic recycling process, also referred to as ‘spiritual alchemy’. You have the ability to be a catalyst for creating peace on the planet, simply by owning your judgment and then transmuting it into Loving.

By owning, exploring and identifying your judgments, you have the opportunity to see and acknowledge that you are carrying bags of judgments on either side of a scale. You can then look into your bags of right and wrong, and identify what you have placed inside. Each judgment will have a weight attached to it. The weight of various judgments will feel different, and it will be based upon the emotional energy you gave it at the time you stored it in your bag.

Some judgments feel extremely heavy, and have created a huge burden of suffering to drag around. These might be judgments like, ‘My ex is a despicable, lying, cheating &^$#@!’ or ‘I am worthless.’ Other judgments are lighter, and may cause less suffering, such as, ‘He’s a jerk’, ‘She is so pretty’ or ‘I’m a hopeless dancer.’. All judgments, regardless of their size, weight or on which side of the good/bad scale they reside, drain a person’s energy.

What is in your bags of judgment? Do you judge certain kinds of people, maybe certain behaviors or personality traits? Do you judge people based on their wealth or lack of wealth, their accent, their clothing or what kind of car they drive? Do you judge people who are judgmental or people who attempt to force their opinions on others? Do you judge the media or the government?

Get interested in the contents of your baggage! Identifying your bags of judgment is a liberating experience. Once I understood that I could use my own judgments as a tool to actually release them, I recognized that complete freedom from judgment is possible.

Utilize the power that is stored inside your judgments! See it as hidden treasure. The reason it is gold is because transmuting it into Loving is what will pave your path to freedom from suffering. Get excited about identifying the contents of your bags. Say, ‘I am now joyfully identifying my judgment.’

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Get interested in identifying what kinds of judgments you’ve been energetically storing in your consciousness.

Declaration: “I now view my judgment as more valuable than gold, knowing that I have the power to transmute this energy into Loving. I am willingly and joyfully identifying the judgment I’ve been carrying.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 9-minute closed-eye process on identifying the contents your judgment; please refrain from driving while listening.


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