Have you ever known anyone who is attempting to fake peace when in actuality they are still residing deeply in judgment?

A person could be smiling brightly, saying things like, “Welcome. So good to see you”, “I’m fine, everything is fine”, or even, “Om shanti, peace, peace, peace…” yet sometimes you can sense their unresolved anger, feel their judgment pulsing behind their teeth, see it swirling across their face.

This is a common issue when people who realize that peace is possible try to disown their judgment. They hear that there is no judgment from the place of Mastery and quickly decide to negate or ignore their own baggage in the hopes that by denying their load they can reach that beautiful place of enlightenment faster.

This is what is known as doing a Spiritual Bypass. A Spiritual Bypass is an attempt to reside in the place that is free of baggage before one’s baggage has been properly claimed, sorted and consciously recycled. People who choose to bypass their judgments don’t actually get to reside in peace, although they will often spend quite a bit of time attempting it, pretending to feel at peace, faking feeling at peace and often even irrationally convincing themselves that they are, indeed, at peace.

Have you ever met anyone who is attempting to bypass their own suffering?

Here is the issue with bypass: when we put down our bags without owning them, they don’t actually detach from us. We create a string or a line of energy to our bags that necessitates that we drag them around wherever we go, no matter how desperately we wish to be free of them.

When our baggage is hanging out behind us, out of sight, all sorts of disasters occur in life to let us know that we are behaving irresponsibly. People will be tripping over these lines attached to our baggage right and left, or taking our bags and holding them up in front of our face saying, ‘Excuse me – isn’t this yours?’

Not only do we create bigger messes when we deny claiming our baggage, we eventually get very tired. If we do not pick up our bags and take responsibility, the energy expended holding on to our bags can make us sick. Some people will die in suffering before owning their bags, simply dragging them along into their next incarnation.

Eventually, no matter how long we avoid or deny our baggage, we all must take full 100% responsibility for our own bags of judgment.

Don’t be afraid to claim your bags. Once you declare that they are indeed your own, you can begin the transformational process of releasing your judgments by transmuting them from energy that is trapped in right/wrong reality to energy of Loving and neutrality.

Have you ever attempted to deny or avoid your own judgment in an attempt to be free of it? Be willing to look deeply at yourself.

Here is possibly the most important point I can make when speaking about judgment: having a scale holding bags of judgments is neither good nor bad, from your soul’s perspective; it is simply what occurs to humans in a fear-based, right/wrong reality. Basically, if you are born on Earth, judgment happens. It is crucial to the process of enlightenment to come to peace with the bags of judgments you are carrying.

I encourage you to own your judgment fully. If you have not already done so, claim your baggage! Say, “I own that I have internal bags of judgment. I willingly claim my baggage.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Resist the urge to do a bypass and claim your bags of judgment.

Declaration: “I am 100% responsible for the judgment that I’ve stored in my own consciousness. I now willingly claim my judgment and accept full ownership of it.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 9-minute closed-eye process on claiming full responsibility for your own judgment; please refrain from driving while listening.

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