Have you ever thought that if you could just stop judging, you’d be a better person? This is an idea that pervades current spiritual thought.

You will hear spiritually-minded people say things like, “Don’t judge!” “Leave the judgment to God” and “She’s so judgmental; how can she call herself spiritual?”

I have personally witnessed many people stuck in the belief that if they could simply stop judging then they will suddenly be transported to the unconditionally Loving paradigm, achieving instant enlightenment. In truth, evolution doesn’t work that way.

Whether you like it or not, you’ve been living in a space of right/wrong reality where everything is seen through eyes of good/bad – in other words, everything within your fear-based perception is connected to a judgment of good or bad, right or wrong. There is no way around this; the only way is through it. Owning and accepting your judgment is actually your ticket to freedom from judgment, amazing as that sounds.

If you can start to look at it differently, you can begin to see your judgment as a powerful tool for change. You can begin to see it as the way to change. You can then utilize your own judgment to get to the place of non-judgment. By accepting, owning and clearing your judgment, you will be able to actually change your own perception, which will lead you to a shift in view point, or a paradigm shift.

The goal here is to get from living in the right/wrong reality to living in the Loving, going from having lots of judgment about everything to having no judgment about anything. It isn’t a matter of stopping the judgment; the key to this transformation is to embrace your judgment, greeting every judgment as an opportunity for growth. Judgment can be used as a healing tool, and if you can see and acknowledge its value, you can use it to quickly move into living a life in the neutrality of Loving, free of all judgment.

How does judgment work as a healing tool?

Judgment acts as a direct arrow to show you the specific place in your consciousness where you are holding something stored in right/wrong reality in your body/mind at the cellular level – you either view something as ‘good’ or as ‘bad’.

To the degree you judge something good or bad, you will hold that judgment at an equivalent vibratory rate, energetically, within your cells. The stronger the level of judgment (good or bad), the lower the frequency of energy you will be holding towards that thing.

When you follow the train of thought of your judgment, the trail will show you exactly what irrational belief or ideas you need to clear in order to view that thing from the Loving perspective. Changing the viewpoint from right/wrong reality into the neutrality of the Loving immediately changes the vibration of energy stored at the cellular level. Then you can let your judgment go by clearing it out of your consciousness and replacing it with your new truth.

By clearing your judgment, the frequency of your energy body is transformed, and you will experience an instant shift into a higher vibration of consciousness. It is an easy tool to utilize once you learn how it works. Say, “I now embrace my judgment as my ticket to freedom.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Begin to use your judgment as a tool for healing.

Declaration: “I now view my judgment as a healing tool. My judgment acts as an arrow pointing me directly toward the places I am stuck in right/wrong thinking. I am now utilizing my judgment as my ticket to freedom.”

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