Have you ever heard the idea that judgment is ‘bad’? That it is not Ok to judge? Maybe you are familiar with this theory.

For the first decade or so of my own spiritual journey, I thought it wasn’t Ok to judge. I tried everything in my power to stop judging. I denied my own judgment, stuffed it, repressed it, ignored it, pretended it wasn’t really happening and above all else, judged myself as bad for every time I caught myself judging anyone or anything.

Not only did it not work for me to deny my own judgment, it compounded my judgment because I was judging myself for judging others!

In order to get out of the trap of double-judgment, I had to begin to look at my judgment from a different perspective. It helped me to take a deeper look at how I arrived at the erroneous conclusion that judgments are ‘bad’.

We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, which necessitates being born into the level of mass consciousness present at the time of our entry – in our case, a fear-based, right/wrong paradigm – a duality. In this level of reality, literally everything is judged as either ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Therefore, thinking in terms of judgment is a normal, natural byproduct of the fear-based perspective. When we are at the mercy of right/wrong reality, we cannot help but judge!

Now, the human journey is about awakening to our own innate divinity and growing into the awareness that there is another paradigm we can reside in if we choose – one of Loving. We all have the option of viewing life from the perspective of our soul, which sees things from the neutral perspective of Loving.

People who have found a way out of right/wrong reality into the Loving reality and choose to reside there permanently are often referred to as Masters. All of the world’s religions are based on an attempt to worship, honor, recreate or emulate a certain Master’s path into the Loving paradigm.

When someone who has reached their Mastery describes that place of Loving, it is described as a state of consciousness where there is no judgment, no right/wrong, a place of total acceptance, boundless Loving and infinite compassion for all Beings.

What is crucial to understand here is that when the master speaks, this message is going directly into the ears of humans who are still heavily engaged in right/wrong reality. Therefore, the interpretation of the message from the Loving into right/wrong reality often obscures the real message. Each of us can only hear/see/view life from whatever set of perceptive filters or lenses we are wearing at that time.

Historically, those who heard a particular Master’s teachings that the place of enlightenment has no judgment made an erroneous assumption that therefore ‘judgment is bad’.

This could not be further from the truth! These Masters have been attempting to teach that nothing is bad, that we can view it all as Ok, that everything is just an opportunity for growth and learning. This includes judgment!

Unfortunately, many current spiritual leaders hold it as fact that it is ‘bad’ to judge, and are unwilling to even look at the possibility that they have come to an inaccurate and unsupportive conclusion. Think about how silly this is really – the statement, ‘Judgment is bad’ is, in itself, a judgment, so it quite clearly still stuck in judgmental, right/wrong thinking.

Therefore, by default, this means that people that are judging judgment as ‘bad’ are still judging; they are, perhaps unconsciously, keeping themselves locked in a cycle of judgment by holding onto this belief.

Do you judge judgment as ‘bad’? If so, do you judge yourself as ‘bad’ for judging?

If you’ve been caught in the double-the-judgment trap, apply tons of compassion to yourself. The truth of the matter is that judgment is the natural outcome of existing in a right/wrong framework of reality. From Spirit’s perspective, this is neither good nor bad; it is just what is. Accept your judgment as Ok and normal. Say, “Judgment is a normal byproduct of the fear-based paradigm. I now accept my judgment as Ok.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of judging your judgment, and accept it as part of the human experience.

Declaration ~ “I now view judgment as the natural, normal outcome of being born into a fear-based reality. I now accept my judgment fully. I Love and accept myself no matter what.”

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