Have you ever experienced a sense of dread as you’ve begun examining your old, irrational thinking?

Many people find introspection terribly painful, which is why tons of people choose to stay unconscious. Thankfully, the process of enlightenment doesn’t have to cause you suffering.

Once your neutral observer is awakened, you will become fully conscious of your thoughts, feelings and actions. This can sometimes be experienced as a painful stage along the journey of personal transformation. Sometimes, our many fear-based thoughts, lack-thoughts and judgments are filled with pockets of pain and suffering. Attached to some irrational beliefs, there may be traumatic or deeply painful memories that have been suppressed because they were too difficult to remember at the time.

Know, as you move into greater levels of freedom, that you have the ability to decide whether or not to experience your transformation as painful and filled with suffering, or as liberating, exhilarating, funny, beautiful, light-filled, joy-filled and exciting. Your attitude as you observe the material that surfaces to your attention within your consciousness will determine whether or not you view the healing process as liberating or painful, joy-filled or excruciating.

After having an ‘Oh shit, here we go again; another bucket-load of crap coming up’ sort of attitude towards my own irrational beliefs in my early twenties, I discovered that I didn’t care to work through my material that way. I began to feel dread when I thought about unearthing more painful information, and I started to attempt to avoid completing my coursework. This attitude didn’t support my desire for freedom, so I kept digging deeper despite the pain.

I finally learned that if I could greet my irrationality with joy and humor, I could not only clear it more quickly, but I could hold in joy and lightness as I did my updating. By using the support of my neutral observer, I was able to access joy from the highest part of myself and keep it running through my nervous system energetically.

Observing myself from a state of neutrality, I would feel a curious sense of detachment from my own triggering issues; while I watched myself getting mad or all worked up over something, the higher part of me was smiling inside – even laughing sometimes – at myself. This totally lightened up my learning process of uncovering limiting beliefs and nests of irrational thinking, and enabled me to begin to respond differently, with laughter, excitement, even anticipation each time a new issue would arise.

Now, when an irrational belief is brought to my conscious awareness, I think, ‘Oh yeah! Bring it on! More freedom coming my way right now.’ And then I laugh at the old, limiting belief. I crack up about funny it is with a close friend, my Master Mind partners, my sweetheart or my students. Let’s face it, once you have access to rational thought, your old, fear-based thinking will seem hilarious.

Have you ever found yourself laughing out loud when you’ve discovered an old, limiting belief? If so, didn’t your sense of humor make it easier to let go of the outdated way of thinking?

Cultivate a state of joy, humor and personal liberation as you embrace your new awareness. With a joyful, humorous kind of attitude, discovering irrational beliefs within your own consciousness can be like discovering buried treasure.

Dig for the silver and gold! Mine those diamonds, emeralds and rubies! This is the heart of transformational work – of Self-realization – discovering where parts of yourself have been stuck in fear-based, right/wrong thinking, and bringing those parts into alignment with the Loving. This is a beautiful process, so view it as such, and you will be able to greet your irrationality with delight as you unearth each gem or nugget and transmute it into the priceless treasure known as rational thought.

You are a Divine child of God; the peace and stillness of having your thoughts aligned with the will of your soul is your birthright. I encourage you to laugh out loud at your own irrationality as it comes to your awareness. Say, “I joyfully leap at this opportunity to thoroughly explore my issues – with lots of laughter – and update all of my beliefs, in my highest and greatest good.” You are so worth having the joy, peace and clarity of mind that comes from rational thought.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Cultivate a good sense of humor as you greet your old, irrational thinking.

Declaration: “I am now viewing my old, irrational thinking with a healthy sense of humor. I can now laugh at my limiting beliefs as I clear and update them with joy, grace and ease.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 10-minute closed-eye process on viewing your old, irrational thinking with humor: please refrain from driving while listening.

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