Do you ever feel bombarded or overwhelmed with your own negative thinking? About this time, you may be feeling like, “Aaaahhh! I can’t handle this!

This is a pretty common reaction for people who have become conscious of the difference between the fear-based, right/wrong perspective and the Loving perspective of life.

First they hear the major limitations they’ve been running – those big, giant core irrationalities such as ‘I’m unworthy’ or ‘I will never succeed’. But soon they begin hearing the more subtle dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of slippery little fear-thoughts that seem to run in a never-ending stream of gloom and doom. Yikes! This can seem daunting.

Once you’ve awakened your neutral observer to help monitor your thoughts, it may seem like no irrationality will slip past you. This means you might have gone from having a very minimal level of awareness about your limited thinking to having a heightened awareness overnight, having each and every negative, fear-based thought brought to your attention instantly.

For some people, asking their neutral observer to alert them to each and every irrational thought may be too much at once. They might feel overwhelmed or go into sensory overload. Understand that your neutral observer works for you – you are the boss, and therefore you and only you get to choose how much or how little information you would like to receive from this part of your consciousness.

This means that you have the power to set parameters for your neutral observer, knowing that this part of you is here to serve you with your growth. If you feel that full, instant awareness is too much to work with, you can decide to set your intention to any level of awareness you wish. You could set an intention to become aware of only those thoughts that are most relevant, vital or important to your soul’s growth at this time. In this way, you would be able to work on and update one major issue at a time. You might ask your neutral observer to only point out severe lack thoughts, to narrow it down to thoughts of unworthiness, or to only red flag self-judgment.

Imagine that your neutral observer has a volume control, like an automatic light dimmer switch that can be raised or lowered to shed the amount of light you wish to receive at any given time. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Personally, I was so eager for freedom, I wanted to work as quickly as possible through my curriculum once I had tools that worked. This meant that often I was bombarded with information; my neutral observer was red flagging every other thought for my attention. There were a few times I felt I couldn’t keep up, and I simply imagined turning my dimmer switch, asking my neutral observer to tone it down a little. The amount of information did lessen, I was able to get caught up, and then I went back on full throttle.

The universe never gives us more than we are ready to handle. Even knowing that, it is Ok to set the speed of your new awareness to a manageable setting. Say, “I have the power to decide how much information I wish to receive from my neutral observer.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Place your neutral observer on a manageable setting of information.

Declaration: “I now set my neutral observer to a manageable level. I am now responding to my irrational thoughts with grace and ease, diligently handling anything that is brought to my conscious awareness. I am at peace with my process.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 6-minute closed-eye process on setting the pace of your inner process: please refrain from driving while listening.

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