Do you ever update a belief, but then have your mind completely rebel?

I can remember so many times where I’d have this great awareness of my own limiting thinking; I’d create a new, more supportive belief. But then when it came down to repeating my updated belief, my mind would be screaming, “No way! That’s ridiculous. That is impossible.”

If you have ever had this happen, you can relax. This is normal. This is just one type of reaction you’ll encounter after you awaken your neutral observer.

Let’s say you are actively monitoring your stream of consciousness and responding each time a limiting thought gets red-flagged for your attention. After you acknowledge the irrational thought and reaffirm your updated belief, there are several different ways your consciousness could go from here; you could react to your own updated thought with naysaying, skepticism, sarcasm, or any other type of denial or negativity; you could react neutrally; or you could react positively, falling into complete agreement with your updated belief, possibly feeling excited, energized or optimistic about it.

If you feel energy of negativity or denial running through your body, or hear a follow-up response that scoffs at your new, updated belief, this is a strong indication that there are more irrational beliefs around this particular subject that you haven’t yet discovered. Sometimes there is an entire nest of beliefs around one idea, and they are often tangled and twisted up together in such a way that if you find one, it will reveal the whole snarled mass. You may initially identify a single limiting belief and update it. Then, when that one is triggered again, you can find many more irrational beliefs attached to that one, simply by observing the thoughts that arise when you update just the one.

When this happens, I encourage you to apply compassion liberally. Then write down the initial flagged thoughts, as well as the subsequent thoughts rejecting, denying or questioning your new updated belief. Make a commitment to work your process around this issue at length, as soon as you can, with the intention to expose and update all of your limiting beliefs around the topic. Once you have cleared the entire nest of supporting beliefs, you will feel totally on-board with updating the beliefs around this issue for as long as it continues to arise in your consciousness.

If your internal response is neutral, your consciousness is hearing your updated belief, and there is nothing else to do except observe and ask yourself, “Is there anything else?” Sometimes you will be guided to take it deeper, possibly do some more self-forgiveness around the old idea. Other times, just restating your updated belief is enough to completely dissipate the negative energy created by the flagged thought.

If your internal response to acknowledging the flagged thought and restating your new belief is joy-filled, enthusiastic and filled with ‘yes’ energy, you can rest easy knowing that you are close to integrating this idea once and for all. The more time you spend reaffirming the truth of your new, updated belief, the faster you will drop the old one. Once you’ve updated the old belief completely, your thought pattern will change to create new, supportive thoughts that reflect your updated belief.

Take a moment to reflect on your own thought process. Have you been aware of having different reactions to some of your new, updated beliefs?

As you become more adept at working your own process of updating your belief system into alignment with the Loving, you will become better able to deal with your ‘red flagged’ thoughts completely in-the-moment, including responding to any inner naysaying. I’m now able to listen to my thoughts, identify an irrational belief, apply compassion, experience self-forgiveness and update my belief to create healthier thinking in present time and practically instantaneously. The more I apply these tools, the clearer my consciousness becomes and the closer I get to living in infinite Loving. If I can do it, you can, too. Say, “I now respond to any internal naysaying or skepticism with compassion.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Don’t let your own naysaying get you down; apply extra compassion and keep running your new, updated beliefs.

Declaration: “I now respond to any internal naysaying or skepticism with compassion and take note of all limiting thoughts that arise in response to my new beliefs. I now know that if part of me rebels against hearing a higher truth, it simply means that there is more irrationality to identify around this subject.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on gauging your internal response to your new, updated beliefs: please refrain from driving while listening.


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