Have you ever updated a belief, but then suddenly caught yourself a few days or weeks later running the old, limiting version again?

Don’t worry, this happens to everyone! You absolutely don’t have to let moments of old-story thinking get you down. You can simply learn to engage the services of your neutral observer.

In order to create new, healthier beliefs – to keep the energy of your updated beliefs resonating inside of your cells – it is important to begin to monitor your own thoughts. This will help you be able to catch yourself if you begin to run an old story while you are in the process of integrating a new set of beliefs.

There is a part of yourself that is completely neutral and detached from all that is going on in your life – I call this part the ‘neutral observer’. If you are not yet connected with this part of your own consciousness, I would encourage you to set an intention inside of yourself to awaken your neutral observer right now. You can state aloud, “I set the intention to awaken my neutral observer.”

Begin to notice the part of you that is observing from inside. This part is simply watching you as you read these words, watching your thoughts stream through your mind. This part has no judgment at all of you whatsoever. Spend a few moments connecting to this part of yourself, and pay attention to your thoughts, watching them go by from a neutral perspective.
Once your neutral observer is awake and watching, you can now utilize this part of yourself to serve in your growth and transformation.

I ask my neutral observer to send up an immediate ‘red flag’ to get my attention whenever I begin to think unproductive, unsupportive or limiting thoughts. By using my neutral observer to alert me to my limiting, unhealthy thought patterns which have come from my old, outdated beliefs, I have been able to quickly update them, creating newer, healthier beliefs which lead to healthier thinking.

Here’s how it works inside of my own consciousness: I imagine my neutral observer as a little guy sitting in front of a computer screen inside of my mind. The screen shows the on-going stream of my thoughts, both the loud ones of my conscious mind and the softer ones of my subconscious mind. All of the thoughts appear in large print as they cross the monitor, so my neutral observer sees them equally, regardless of my personality’s level of self-awareness. When a negative, fear-based thought crosses the screen, my neutral observer will immediately highlight the words on the screen in red which automatically sends my conscious self an instant message alerting me to my own limited thinking.

You can use your neutral observer however you are guided. I initially visualized my neutral observer in front of a desktop screen – that was back in the 90’s when desktops were still the common technology. You may come up with something entirely different, such as hearing a beep that alerts you to a text-message in your mind, or having an ipad app that allows you to observe your own thoughts. However you imagine or perceive this is up to you. I just encourage you to figure out an internal communication system that works!

The most important thing to understand here is that you will not be able to make use of your neutral observer without first connecting to this part of yourself and asking for assistance. It is up to you to decide what kind of role your neutral observer will play in your life, so I encourage you to ask this part, specifically, to show you the things that you are ready to become aware of, ready to heal and ready to update in your own highest and greatest good.

Cultivating awareness of a neutral observer that is awake and monitoring your thoughts can accelerate your growth exponentially. When that part is still asleep, you will only be able to work with the fear-based thoughts that come to your attention in a way that is loud and clear.

Have you ever suddenly become aware of your own negative thinking with a jolt, as if your thoughts were just blared from a bullhorn?

It is startling when that happens, isn’t it, and yet your consciousness is doing the best it can to help you wake up to your own irrational thinking. To the degree that you are still unaware of your own thought-patterns, you might be missing out on the much greater percentage of your softer, sneakier, subconscious habitual thoughts.

Having an awakened neutral observer is the most effective way to monitor your own thoughts in order to catch yourself if you begin to spiral into old, fear-based, limiting thinking. Say, “My neutral observer is now awake. I am now monitoring my own thinking.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Awaken your neutral observer and begin monitoring your own thoughts, asking your neutral observer to alert you any time you begin to run any old, limiting programming.

Declaration: “I now monitor my thinking, listening for any old, limiting thought-patterns or irrational beliefs. I am now consciously running my new, updated beliefs daily and embodying my new beliefs at the cellular level.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 7-minute closed-eye process on using your neutral observer to monitor your thoughts: please refrain from driving while listening.

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