Have you ever known that something you believed was causing you to suffer but didn’t have the slightest idea what to believe instead?

How many times have you heard someone complain about their circumstances, yet when urged to do something to change them, they say, “And do what? What else is there?”

‘What else is there?’ is a common limiting attitude that holds millions of people back every day.

The truth from your soul’s perspective is that freedom is available. What this means is that the sky is not the limit – there is no set limit beyond your own ability to imagine. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. He knew the power of our ability to create our own reality by first visualizing the possibility. The only way to create something better is to start by imagining it, and then begin to believe that it is possible.

This reminds me of Nina, who had been suffering from decades of debilitating chronic pain. After just a few minutes of examining her childhood, she encountered the irrational belief that ‘life is extremely painful’. When asked, “How’s that working for you?” Nina began to laugh. She laughed until she was crying and replied, “Obviously not so great.” When asked, “Are you ready to believe something different?” She replied, “I really want to, but I don’t know how. All I have ever known is pain.”

Nina was definitely open to hearing a higher level of truth, even though she didn’t know what that was yet. Nina’s beliefs had been creating her painful reality; if she wanted to create a life free of pain, all she had to do was decide to believe something different. She was the co-creator of her world, and she was a powerful manifestor of her experience, to which her painful reality could attest. If she could wrap her mind around a different possibility, if she could begin to imagine something better for herself, if she could believe in freedom, she’d be able to manifest that.

When presented with the opportunity to imagine believing that life could be beautiful, joy-filled, wonderful, peaceful and more, Nina became very animated and exclaimed, “Oh yes! I am ready to believe that!” When asked what she would like to believe about her life, she instantly responded, “That life is safe, pain-free and wonderful. That I now live in joy and experience gratitude and wonder every day.” Right there, with her enthusiastic response, Nina had the power to begin to work her process to update her belief system to change the way she experienced life for the better. She could imagine it, and therefore she could make it her reality.

Is there any place in your own life where you are unhappy with your current circumstances but haven’t been able to imagine a different reality? I encourage you to spend a few moments looking deeply at you own life. See if you have be giving ‘what else is there?’ any power.

The truth is that life can be as good as you can imagine it to be. Freedom is your birthright.

Nina embraced the concept that she was the co-creator of her own life – she and only she had the power to decide what to believe. Engaging her imagination wholeheartedly, she chose to believe in joy instead of pain, liberation instead of suffering. She made an emphatic declaration that life was safe, joy-filled and beautiful; her physical pain began to lift from her body immediately as she spoke of her new reality. Within a week of deciding to believe something better, she was experiencing long moments free of pain, which gave her the motivation to keep restating her new, updated beliefs. Within a month, her new beliefs had integrated, and she was completely free of pain. Nina has been traveling the globe, sharing her experience of joy and freedom ever since.

You, too, are the co-creator of your own life. You have the power to imagine a different reality, to completely overhaul your own belief system to change your outer level experience for the better. Say, “I now allow my imagination to dream big. I am now experiencing freedom.” To the degree that you can believe in freedom, you can manifest it in any area of your life.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of limiting ideas such as ‘what else is there?’ and begin to believe in freedom; if you don’t know what that looks like, use your imagination!

Declaration, “Freedom is my birthright. I now imagine myself residing in freedom in every area of my life. I am now experiencing freedom on every level of Being.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 10-minute closed-eye process on activating your imagination to open to greater possibility: please refrain from driving while listening.

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