Have you ever met someone who is flighty, flaky, scattered or disorganized? What about someone who is unable to stay present or considered too ‘out there’? Have you ever felt that way yourself?

Characteristics of ‘spaciness’ can be directly due to a lack of grounding. You can do a great deal of clearing and updating your beliefs, evolving rapidly into a higher level of consciousness. However, if you do not ground to the planet, you will begin to metaphorically fall over or float away.

The rule of nature is that you must be as big, energetically, at the physical level as you are at the spiritual. Picture a tiny tree with small roots. Then imagine that tree growing hugely toward the sky… without growing bigger roots. A gentle breeze could topple that tree.

Another way you could look at it: picture a small glass, and then imagine trying to pour a whole gallon of water into the little glass. If the container is not big enough, the water is going to spill out all over the place.

You have an energy container, also known as your HEF (Human Energy Field). The higher you go up the ever-expanding spiral of consciousness, the larger your energy container must be at the physical, energetic level in order to ‘hold’ your new, higher vibration of energy.

After you are done working your process around old, limiting thinking and updating to new, more empowering beliefs, it is important to spend a moment grounding your energies into the Earth to build and hold a larger container of energy for your higher consciousness. When you ground yourself after your clearing, your energy body will automatically expand into the earth to accommodate your new vibration, allowing you to stay fully present and aware at the physical level of engagement.
You can do this in any number of ways. If you are auditory, you could make a declaration to ground; example: “I am now grounding and anchoring my energies, strengthening and expanding my energy container to hold my new, higher vibration of Being.”

If you are a sensory person, you may simply sense or feel sending your energy through a grounding rod that extends from your base chakra (located at your perineum between your legs at the base of your spine) down deep into the center of the Earth. You will have a sense when you have gone deep enough.

If you are a visual person, you can picture growing tree roots deep and wide, connected and strongly rooted to the earth as your branches expand toward the sky.

If you are a kinesthetic person, you can put your bare feet into grass, dirt or sand, feel your connection to the Earth and image growing roots, or you can hug a large tree and send your energies down into the earth through the tree roots.
Some people like to dance, stomp their feet or bang a drum to ground their energies after expanding. Some people do a yoga posture such as down-dog or forward fold and connect with both feet and hands to the floor.

Find a way to ground that feels authentic and works for you. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Your intention to ground and anchor your energy to build and strengthen your energy container is more important than your method.

I use a combination of methods, depending upon where I am when I need to get anchored. If I am inside, I picture a grounding rod going deep into the Earth. If grass or sand is handy, I kick off my shoes and anchor to nature.
You are both physical and spiritual at the same time; in the process of self-realization, to become integrated at every level, you must place an equal amount of energy down into the physical level as you have placed out into the spiritual. The Universal Law of Manifestation states ‘As within, so without.’

If you do not ground your energies when you raise your vibration, several things could occur. You may experience a state of dizziness, spaciness, forgetfulness or otherwise feel disoriented. You might begin to feel very hungry all the time and overeat. If you’ve ever seen an overweight psychic or spiritual teacher, they are likely using physical weight to anchor themselves rather than simply grounding and expanding energetically at the physical level. There is no need to put on extra weight to be grounded. Lastly, you may feel wonderful for a day or two, then experience a crash where you drop into feeling blue or depressed, losing the connection to your updated beliefs. This phenomenon happens over and over again for people who go on spiritual retreats or attend transformational workshops; they feel wonderfully high for a day or two, and then suddenly feel terrible, like having an energy hangover.

Has this ever happened to you after a consciousness-expanding event?

If you ever attend a mind-expanding event, be sure to do some grounding exercise afterwards. Don’t worry about losing the high. While you will come down slightly as you ground, this is much better than crashing later and losing all of your high. The idea is to gradually get to the point where you maintain that higher vibration all the time, where the state of highness you are able to access becomes your normal, natural state of Being. This is the goal, and it is a process that takes time for most people. Once in a while, someone may take a huge, quantum leap during an instant enlightening experience.

After a powerful, mind-blowing type of transformational experience, a person may become unhinged and unable to cope with real-world details. There are people currently living on the streets as a result of having an ungrounded or instantaneous expansion of consciousness. In fact, author Eckhart Tolle shares his experience of spending two years on a park bench after his awakening experience. I am relatively certain that he spent much of those two years building his energy container and re-anchoring himself onto the planet after his extraordinary enlightening experience. This is rare and not the norm, yet, just in case it happens to you, it is helpful to know how to ground yourself.

Setting clear intentions of grace and ease can go a long way to ensuring you have a smooth and graceful transition into the new paradigm of Loving. Additionally, to ensure presence and connection at the physical level of reality, just remember to ground yourself each and every time you work your process using compassionate self-forgiveness. Say, “I now remember to ground myself after each time I work to raise my consciousness.” Do this regularly, and you will grow energetically as you expand spiritually, staying in balance on every level of Being.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Make a habit to ground your energy physically every time you do anything that expands your energy consciously (applying compassionate self-forgiveness, updating your beliefs, listening to an uplifting talk, attending a spiritual seminar, etc.).

Declaration: “I am now anchoring myself regularly by grounding my energy after any consciousness-raising experience. My physical energy container is as strong as my spiritual energy container is high.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 11-minute closed-eye process on grounding your energy; please refrain from driving while listening.

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