Have you ever tried to change a belief, maybe even held onto a new, more supportive belief for a little while, but then found yourself suddenly living back in the old, disempowering mindset?

What a drag, right?! Yet this vicious cycle happens to people all the time – until they learn how to make the change cellular.
To integrate your new beliefs at the cellular level, write them down and read them to yourself daily. When I was actively reprogramming my entire belief system, I carried a notebook around everywhere I went and read my new beliefs out loud at stop lights, waiting to pick my son up from school, on tea breaks and before bed each night.

I have a close friend and fellow Master Mind partner who began jotting her new beliefs down on index cards, reading them anytime she had a moment throughout her day. Within a few weeks of starting this habit, she was carrying around a huge, four-inch stack held together by a large rubber band. She joked that soon she would need a suitcase, but then an amazing thing began to happen. At about the 30-day mark, she began to say to certain cards, “That is so true. I know that!” and she was able to toss away those cards she really knew to be her truth. As she repeated her new beliefs daily, her deck of note cards began to grow thinner and thinner. She has cleared so much irrationality that now she is working on a very thin stack.

Repeatedly stating your updated beliefs daily is what will take your new beliefs from ‘understanding’ at the mind level into ‘knowing’ at the cellular level. Think about it this way: if the 99.99% space inside of your cells is all filled up with the energy of your current beliefs, each cell could be likened to an air-filled balloon. The air quality in each cell depends on the vibration of the belief. As you move through the self-forgiveness process, and you apply compassion as you update your belief, this is like infusing each of your cell balloons with fresh, clean air. Here’s the deal: the air will only stay clean as long as you hold the new, updated belief to be true in your own consciousness. The minute you let go of the new idea to begin running the old, more familiar, fear-based idea, the air inside of each cell balloon will instantly become polluted again.

Your billions of cells are growing and dying all of the time, randomly, throughout your body. The average span of life for a tissue cell is about three weeks. So, if you have spent an hour processing, and you have updated a bunch of beliefs, you will probably feel wonderful for a few days because you will have clean, healthy air inside all of your cells.

But say, for instance, I update a bunch of beliefs but forget to write them down and repeat them. A few days would go by, and my old beliefs, which are still in my stored mind files until the updated version is fully integrated, creep back into my thoughts. I then begin running my old, familiar programming – ‘I am so stupid. I can’t do anything right. I suck at this. Nothing ever works out for me. Why do I even bother blah, blah, blah’. Right there, all of the great work I did a few days earlier is at risk.
If I can catch myself running the old tape in-the-moment, and quickly update to my new beliefs of infinite intelligence, innate worthiness, authentic power, and other empowering ideas, I can get back on track and keep the energy of my updated beliefs running through my cells.

But say I don’t catch myself, and I wallow in self-loathing for a few days. While I am busy beating myself up, ten percent of my body cells are dying and getting replaced. The newly-born cells are taking on the old, toxic energies of the old belief because there is no clean air present when the cell dies off! The brand new cells were not there when I worked my process around my updated beliefs, so they have never heard the new message. As a result, I now have parts of myself that are only running the old, outdated belief again. If I run the old, negative beliefs for two weeks, I will quickly have more than fifty percent of my body buying back into my old, familiar, self-defeating story, and I will forget or discredit my updated beliefs.

Have you ever had that happen when you were trying to change a belief?

This is like throwing all of your time, energy and commitment you’ve put into your process right in the garbage as you now have nothing to show for it.

On the other hand, when you run the new, updated idea regularly, here’s what happens: the cells inside of your body will contain the information of both the old and the new beliefs. The air inside your cell balloons will be clean and clear, resonating with your new, updated belief. When a cell in your body dies off and creates a new one, the new cell will only take the updated belief! This is the process of evolution – if there are two messages inside a cell when it dies, the newly-born cell will take the message that is vibrating at a higher frequency of energy.

If you repeatedly state your new beliefs to yourself regularly, your cells will take on this new idea as they regenerate. At some point, usually about three to four weeks later, the old belief will drop off completely – it will be gone from your cellular coding – and the new belief will become your truth. You will have literally ‘embodied’ your new, updated belief. Once a belief is your truth, you won’t need to keep repeating it to yourself anymore because it will simply be a given. You will laugh when you read your updated belief and think something like, ‘Of course that is true. I can’t even believe I ever thought differently.’

As you learn the tools of updating your belief system, I encourage you to really get into it fully. The more you can affirm, declare and own your new beliefs, the faster your belief system will make the cellular shift into Loving and the faster you will be residing in the joy and clarity of freedom. Say, “I now repeat my new beliefs daily, even several times a day, to ensure that I fully embody the change at the cellular level.” Take the new information all the way down to the tips of your toes. You are so worth the freedom!

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Write down your new beliefs and read them daily, keeping the updated version running in your mind until it becomes your truth at the cellular level.

Declaration: “I am now running my updated beliefs daily, until my updated belief becomes my whole truth and my outdated belief no longer resonates as true in any way. I am now embodying my truth at the cellular level.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute process on embodying your new, updated beliefs at the cellular level; please refrain from driving while listening.

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