Do you ever have a new belief in your head… while the old, limiting belief is still ruling your body?

This is such a common occurrence on the journey. I lived in that space for over a decade myself after my initial awakening; my new beliefs were at total odds with my old, cellular programming. It took me a while to learn how to integrate. I finally discovered that I needed to get decisive about changing.

Once you have identified an irrational belief within your mind’s filing system, before this belief can permanently change, there is a crucial moment wherein you must make a conscious choice to believe differently. If you skip this little but mighty step, you will be banging your head against the wall; your head will understand your new belief while the rest of your body will still believe in the old one.

Let me say this in another way. If you don’t actually feel or state to yourself, either aloud or inside of yourself, that you are ready to change, the old belief will still have power, will still be active and operating within your mind’s belief system. You must actively, energetically decide to believe something different in order to update your belief file effectively.

A simple analogy is pulling up a word document on your computer that says, ‘I will always be a failure.’ You could delete that sentence and type, ‘I am now successful at everything I do.’ However, if you close the document without saving it, that file will read, ‘I will always be a failure’ when reopened. Just as you must click ‘save’ to edit a document, energetically, you have to say ‘yes’ to the changes in your belief system; you must engage your free will choice and decide to change  in order for the new belief to click into place and replace the old information in your mind’s file folder.

The first step toward permanent belief change is to ask yourself, each and every time you have identified an irrational belief, “How is this working for me?” This question is a pivotal point in your conscious evolution, because it will give you the power you need to detach from the old belief and decide to embrace a new one. Here’s how the question works: 

Let’s say I’ve just identified the irrational belief I’ve been holding that ‘other people’s needs are more important than mine’. I then ask myself, “How is this belief working for me?” This question allows me to consciously examine my past to review all of the times I have put other people’s needs above my own.

I recall the time I didn’t pick up my son on time because I put a friend’s needs before my own. I recall the times I didn’t eat because my boss needed me to do something extra during my lunch break or my kids needed a ride somewhere right when I was about to grab a bite to eat. I recall all of my feelings of resentment that everybody else’s needs seemed more important than mine, and I feel angry inside that I allowed myself to treat myself so uncaringly for so many years. How is that working for me? It’s not working well at all. In fact, I am over it. I am so done with that belief. I am ready to change that one. Right there, once I have consciously made the choice to change, I have access to a higher possibility for myself. I can now choose a new, more supportive belief and know that it will stick.

By asking yourself the empowering question, “How is this working for me?” you are giving yourself the intrinsic motivation to change your belief for the better. When you take full responsibility for creating your own life, knowing that your beliefs create your reality, nothing is more motivating than examining your past results to spur on change.

The highlight of my week is when one of my clients calls to share a story of how their updated belief instantly became reflected in their reality. They decided they could have something better – then something better happened. They decided they were worthy and therefore deserving of kindness, so they started to treat themselves more kindly – then others suddenly began treating them more kindly. They decided they could do something that they previously didn’t think was possible – then they actually did it and achieved their dream. These miraculous transformations occur all the time, anytime anyone decides to change an old, limiting belief and update it for the better.

Do you have any old, limiting beliefs that are no longer working for you?

Your beliefs create your reality. You, too, can create a miracle in your own life. Dozens, even hundreds, of them if you wish. You simply have to believe that it is possible.

When you encounter an old, irrational belief that is no longer serving you, I encourage you to become determined about changing it. Get excited about the new possibilities. Become adamant that you are shifting this old idea into a newer, stronger version. Make a clear, empowering decision. Say, “That belief is no longer working for me. I am done with that. I am ready to change it for the better. I know that I create my own reality based upon what I believe is true. I am a powerful co-creator of my own life.” The more energy you can put into your decision, the more determined you are to change, the readier you will be and the faster you will integrate your new beliefs.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Get determined about making a permanent change. Become decisive about it.

Declaration: “I now get determined and adamant about changing whatever is no longer working for me. I get to decide what I believe, and from now on, I create beliefs that support me in my own highest good.”



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