Have you ever taken a good look at yourself and thought, ‘Oh no! I have so much work to do. I’ll never be able to heal all of my baggage’.

If you have ever had a similar thought, you are not alone. Almost everyone goes through some sort of ‘this seems like too much’ moment at some point on their journey of evolution – usually about the time they begin to examine their own belief system. Don’t worry. You can and will achieve clarity and freedom in your own timing if you simply persevere, taking it one belief at a time.

Now, I’ll be honest with you and say that most people’s belief systems are vast, sometimes complicated, uniquely-wired mazes of intrigue. Don’t let that idea stop you from taking a deep, hard, fearless look at your own beliefs. If you feel overwhelmed, know that you absolutely won’t be able to view all of your beliefs instantaneously. You can relax. You have plenty of time.

Imagine unraveling a big ball of yarn; to unwind the ball, you have to start with the end that is present and visible, then you simply give a little tug and follow the thread, trusting that it will all unwind in its own order.

You can use the same process to examine your belief system. Start with the beliefs that are most present and visible. Work with whatever irrational beliefs come into your awareness – in other words, work with whatever you are currently thinking about, and follow your train of thoughts as new thoughts arise. Have trust in the process as you go about examining your old, limiting beliefs. Your consciousness will take care of revealing whatever thread of beliefs is to show up next in your process.

We store beliefs about everything. Beliefs are usually grouped together in our mind by subject matter. If you have any particular issue or challenge come up, you’d be presented with the beliefs relating to that particular topic in whatever order they surface for your attention.

You can think of your beliefs as separate files in your personal computer-mind, and the categories of beliefs as the folders where the individual files are stored. For instance, you may have a folder labeled ‘relationships’, another labeled ‘money’, another labeled ‘physical health’, and so on. Look into whichever folder is open – that would be whatever topic you are currently contemplating. The computer screen will only show you one open file at a time; you don’t need to stress about all of your other unopened folders. If you make a commitment to yourself to update your belief system from fear-based to Loving, you can relax and trust that everything will unfold in divine-perfect order, starting with the folder of beliefs most presently on your mind.

Identifying your old, limiting beliefs doesn’t have to be difficult. Sometimes, it is so easy that you may even overlook the obvious.

A recent conversation with my friend, Camille, went something like: “I know that I have irrational beliefs in there, but I just can’t seem to find them.” She shared in frustration, “I feel stuck.”

“That’s what is present, then.” I replied, “Work with that.”

“With what?” She responded, “I haven’t been able to identify any specific beliefs. I think I must not be doing it right.”

“That’s it.” I smiled, “Right there. That is what is present for you.”

“What? That I’m not doing it right?” She paused for a moment then burst out laughing. “Oh! I get it now! ‘I’m not doing it right’ is the irrational belief… I think that about myself all the time. That seems too easy!”

Identifying your old beliefs can be easy. You can have fun with it. I encourage you to laugh as you listen to your own limiting thinking.

What issue is most present for you right now? If you listen to your stream of thoughts closely, you will be able to determine what subject is on your mind. From there, if there is anything present that upsets your peace, that is where you will find the irrational thinking. You can follow the thinking to find the underlying irrational belief that is causing you suffering.

For Camille, the idea ‘I’m not doing it right’ was causing a feeling of pain and frustration – this was what was upsetting her peace in that moment. Once she identified the irrational thought, she was able to go deeper to uncover old irrational beliefs locked in ‘right/wrong’ that had been causing her lifelong torment. Because she was willing to look at herself she is now that much freer.

Be willing to examine your belief system fearlessly, knowing that you are divinely supported and guided; you can trust the process to unfold in perfect order. Say, “It is easy for me to hear my own irrational thinking. I trust the process.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of any pressure or overwhelm and trust in the natural process.

Declaration: “I am now listening to whatever is present in my consciousness and easily identifying any and all irrational thinking. I trust the process as it naturally unfolds.”


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