Have you ever wondered how you came to believe some of the things you think?

Most of us have certain thought patterns that are completely irrational, yet we can’t seem to stop thinking those thoughts – even after we know they aren’t true. Why is that?

After years of futilely going in circles attempting to change my own way of thinking, I finally learned that it wasn’t my thoughts that needed to be changed; it came down to what was stored in my belief system.

Your belief system contains everything you believe to be true – all of the ideas that you have gathered throughout your entire life and have filed away as ‘fact’ inside of yourself. Your beliefs are initially formed unconsciously based on whatever you saw, heard, felt, sensed or experienced as a child. Most of us take on many beliefs we learned from our parents or whoever raised us; this is what is known as familial programming or familial patterning.

Then there is the influence of your schooling, your culture, your community, your religion or possibly lack thereof, your exposure to society, the media, your peers and any other direct influences you may have experienced.

Whatever happened to you as a child caused you to have thoughts which led to feelings which affected your actions and response, all working together to create your experience of reality. Gradually, with repeated experiences, you came to believe certain ideas to be true and real, probably by about the age of five; these ideas that became cemented in your consciousness as ‘true’ are what make up your mental belief system.

Whether or not these ideas are actually rational is another story, which we will get into more deeply in upcoming blogs. Regardless of whether your ideas are based on fact or fiction, rationality or irrationality, your belief system is wired energetically throughout your whole body. Your individual cells actually contain a vibratory energy that equals your beliefs. When your beliefs are greatly fear-based, your energy consequently vibrates at a lower frequency.

Consciousness can be pictured on an ever-expanding continuum, or spiral, of growth and learning. The small, narrow base of the spiral image would reflect fear-based, right/wrong reality, while the higher, more open, expansive top of the spiral would reflect the Loving paradigm.

Wherever you are living in fear, you are residing energetically at the small, tight base on the spiral of consciousness. Beliefs formed from this narrow perspective are fear-based, limiting and constrictive; these create life experiences of pain, suffering, constriction, lack, limitation, and so on.

Wherever you are living in Loving, you are residing energetically at a higher, broader place on the spiral of consciousness. Beliefs formed in Loving are more open, expansive and flowing; these create life experiences of joy, grace, ease, peace, prosperity and so on.

Do you have any beliefs that are based in fear? If so, how is that going for you?

To whatever degree you are presently viewing life from the fear-based, right/wrong perspective, you are still residing in the lower, tighter, more restrictive base of the spiral. To make a paradigm shift to a higher level of consciousness, you can choose to view life from a higher perspective. From a higher level, your belief system will begin to reflect more open, Loving, expansive interpretations of reality, and you will begin to move higher up the spiral toward a broader, freer, more expansive experience of life.

Making the paradigm shift into the Loving is a process, not a one-time event. It takes time to rewire your whole belief system to align with your spiritual truth. The exercises in this blog are just a guide. There is no right or wrong way to go about making a shift in consciousness. By trusting your inner guidance, you will be shown the way that is right for you.

You can start by becoming familiar with how your belief system operates. Each belief you hold begins in your brain as an original idea or a passing thought. Your repeat experience then solidifies certain ideas into beliefs, which vibrate at a specific frequency of energy. The energy that makes up your belief is contained in every cell of your body. Your beliefs then go on to vibrate inside of your cells, to create repeated thoughts, which in turn create your feelings, which lead to your response, which result in a certain outcome in your life.

Once you see how this works, you can begin to evaluate your beliefs neutrally; ask yourself, “How is holding this belief going for me?” If your answer is, “Not very well”, if your belief is causing you to settle for less than what you truly desire or to suffer in any way, you can apply compassion and choose a different belief that will create better results in your life.

You are in charge of your own life. You get to decide what you want to believe. I encourage you to claim this power and take full responsibility for creating your own life. You have the power to create strong, healthy relationships; deep, intimate friendships; a radiantly healthy body; vibrant physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing; fulfilling, inspiring and meaningful work; thriving, healthy finances; fun, creative outlets for authentic self expression, and more. All of this will naturally begin to come about as soon as you begin to take charge of what is currently present.

Are you willing to look deeply at your beliefs and at the current state of your life, in every area? If so, I encourage you to examine your belief system. Get excited about this process!

Your power comes from knowing that, as the co-creator of your own life, if there is anything that you do not like about any area, you absolutely have the power to change it. Say, “My beliefs create my reality, and I get to choose my own beliefs.” This idea is liberating.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Review your current belief system to determine what is or is not working in your life.

Declaration: “My beliefs create my reality. I am now examining the beliefs I’ve been holding in every area of my life. If a belief isn’t working for me, I have the power to choose a new belief that will create the results I desire.”

Additional support: Listen to this 10-minute closed-eye process on examining your current beliefs; please refrain from driving while listening.



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