Have you ever wondered why something you don’t like keeps repeating itself in your life?

Maybe you or someone you’ve known has broken up with someone, established a new relationship only to have the very same issues that plagued the last relationship show up again in the new relationship? How about changing a job and having the same problems appear at the new job? Moving to a new town and having all the same feelings that irritated you in the old town, even though the place and people aren’t the same?

Ugh! This can be so frustrating. Yet, it is simply universal law in action: your inner reality creates your outer reality.

Personally, I experienced two very similar marriages/divorces – same issues, different face. This is common with people who are trying to change their outer level reality without first changing their inner. Their lessons simply repeat over and over, usually getting worse if not addressed.

After much frustration with attempting to figure out universal law, I determined that if I wanted true change in my life – deep, real, lasting change – I needed to start by changing my inner reality. The question was, how? I’d tried changing my feelings; that didn’t work. I’d tried changing my thinking; that didn’t work. I’d tried focusing on not thinking; that didn’t work. What was I missing?

Examining my inner workings closely, I eventually discovered the equation of manifestation – beliefs create thoughts, thoughts create feelings, feelings lead to actions, actions create our results: B x T x F x A = R. Since thoughts, feelings and actions all stem from beliefs, they also energetically equal the beliefs; any number x 1 equals itself, so thoughts, feelings and actions can all hold the value of 1 in the equation. Example: 9 x1 x1 x1 = 9   What this means is that you can simplify the equation to read B = R: beliefs equal reality.

Therefore, in order to create different results in your life, you would first need to change your beliefs.

People wonder why they keep getting the same results over and over again, year after year. That’s because, typically, most people attempt to resolve their problems by changing their physical level results, or their outer level reality.

You’ve likely seen or have been through this yourself. The person who wants to lose weight focuses on diet (outer reality). They do great as long as they militantly follow the plan, but the moment they give into temptation, they’re right back where they started from. The person who wants to quit smoking throws away the cigarettes (outer reality), but the moment they are under stress, they are borrowing a smoke or dashing to the store to buy a new pack. The person who wants to stop nail-biting puts nail polish or some horribly-tasting concoction on their nails (outer reality), but under stress they find themselves biting their nails anyway, despite the deterrent.

Trying to change outer reality is like trying to change the answer to your equation without first changing or addressing the existing problem. Since your beliefs equal your reality, any change attempted at the outer-level will only be temporary; your beliefs will soon balance out the equation regardless of how much you wish to maintain the outer illusion. If you’ve ever attempted to change your own reality this way, apply compassion for all of the frustration and suffering you experienced.

Know that from now on, if you want to change something in your own life, it is just a matter of figuring out what you currently believe to be true in that area then changing your beliefs to reflect the outcome you wish to experience. Say, “My beliefs create my reality. If I want lasting change in my life, I can change my beliefs.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of trying to change on the outside, and begin to change your beliefs on the inside.

Declaration: “My beliefs create my reality. If there is any part of my outer-level reality I wish to change, I can start by changing my inner reality at the level of my beliefs.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on changing your beliefs on the inside to create lasting change on the outside; please refrain from driving while listening.

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