Do you feel done with old patterns of fear-based thinking?

Maybe you’ve been putting off your goals, dreams or heart-felt desires for many years out of fear and you are over that, ready to move forward in your life.

If you feel ready to be done with the fear, congratulations! Freedom is available. I’ve liberated myself from fear-based thinking, and you can do the same.

The question many people ask at this point is, “How do I deal with the fear?”

Back when I was experiencing regular panic attacks, I was guided to simply listen to my fear-based thoughts from a space of receptivity and compassion.

I would sit quietly, breathing in Love and compassion, and then ask the fearful part of myself to share. Then I’d listen, saying “I hear you. Tell me more.” This was like taking a field trip back to the past; by really listening, I’d be taken directly to the root of my fear and shown how I’d gotten stuck in a fearful pattern of thinking based on the beliefs I bought into as a child. As I neutrally observed my past, rather than feeling judgment toward my younger self, I felt only compassion for my own suffering.

This was a totally new and wonderful experience for me. I began to flood my past with compassion, and to wrap my younger self in Love and kindness. As I flooded myself with compassion, I was guided to clear my old, fear-based interpretations of reality and to create new beliefs based on my current understandings of spiritual truth.

I can recall listening to my fear one day, and hearing, “If I try, I will surely fail.” I replied with compassion, “I hear that. I hear that you are afraid of failing. Tell me more about that.” The fear unloaded, and soon I was having vivid memories of feeling like a failure in Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade and on up my timeline. I saw how I’d held the fear-based belief that making a single mistake meant I’d failed, so even if I did almost everything well, I’d be viewing myself as a total failure for the one thing missed. I was able to apply tons of compassion, saying to that fearful part, “It’s Ok. It’s alright. It’s Ok to make mistakes. Mistakes are how we learn. There is no way to fail at learning…”

To the degree I was able to apply compassion inside of myself, I could literally feel and sense my old belief lifting from my body. When the old belief lifted, the fear around it disappeared. The feeling of instantaneous relief when a fear lifted was so astoundingly liberating that I grabbed this tool with both hands and dove into the sea of my fears head first. Very quickly – within days of discovering this new tool of compassionate listening – the panic attacks disappeared and soon my anxiety was a thing of the past. It was the most amazing and profound feeling. I felt washed clean of the old, fear-based ideas I’d lived with my entire life, and wrapped in Love and support by my new, healthy, more supportive ideas.

Simply by listening with compassion then changing my beliefs, I changed my subsequent thoughts, my subsequent feelings and my subsequent actions, which led me to producing entirely new and different – healthy, joy-filled, Loving, authentic, empowering – results in my life. I now live in peace and freedom, thanks to the healing power of compassion.

You, too, can transform your entire life for the better in every way. You, too, have the power to listen to your fear-based thoughts from a space of Love and compassion.

How do you usually respond to your fear-based thoughts internally when they arise? Do you try to avoid, negate, deflect, criticize, ignore, hide, rationalize or control your fear-thoughts in any way? Take a deep look at your pattern of response toward your old, fear-based ways of thinking.

If you have been responding inside of yourself in a less-than-loving way, right here, right now, I encourage you to begin to choose to respond from a place of compassion. You have the ability to clear your own fear by being gentle and Loving toward yourself. If you wish to be done with the fear-based thinking, just apply the compassion liberally. Say, “I now respond to my fear-based thinking with compassion.” You are so worth it.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of responding to your fear with more fear and begin to respond with compassion internally. Declaration: “I am gentle and Loving with myself. I now listen and respond to my fear-based thoughts with Love and compassion.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 9-minute closed-eye process on responding to your fears with compassion; please refrain from driving while listening.

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