Have you ever been afraid of something that you judged as evil?

Most of us were brought up in fear. We were told to fear strangers, fear the devil, fear God and fear getting robbed. The result of being raised by fear-based modeling is that buying into the fears creates more fear. And who wants to live in fear?

Let’s look at this issue of good and evil in terms of light and dark. If you picture standing in a dark room, and you don’t want to be in the dark any more, what is the solution? Turn on the light, right? The minute you add light, the darkness simply dissipates. How easy is that?

The darkness, in and of itself, doesn’t really exist as separate from the light, but in fact is just an absence of light. Now, if you were standing in the dark and just lit a little candle, you’d still have a lot of dark corners. If you lit the 75 watt light bulb, your room would be mostly free of darkness, and you would still have some shadows and darkness in the closet. If you open the door and walk out into the noon-day sunshine, even the shadows cease to exist. Any way you go, you can trust that your experience of the darkness is not bad or good, it simply is what it is.

In the same way, an experience of internal darkness is neither bad nor good; it just is what it is – a temporary feeling of darkness or disconnection from your source of light. It is only a feeling, not really true, because on the Being level you are always connected to your source.

If you have ever entertained the idea that there is some powerful, dark force that is out to get you, I strongly encourage you to drop that fear-based idea and simply choose to turn on your own inner light. Darkness has no power over light, because darkness ceases to exist in the presence of light. Fear-based energy is transmuted by the energy of trust in the Loving. Put your trust in your own internal light, choose to align yourself with the will of your own soul and light yourself up from within.

People who believe in evil, in the devil, in the possibility of an eternal damnation, or any other negative force that is out to get them are simply giving energy and power away to that which they most fear. Believing in fear simply feeds the fear. The minute you go into a state of fear, you dim your own light and become very small and dark yourself. Since likenesses attract, you will begin to gravitate towards more and more fear, until you are jumping at shadows, flinching at every sound and drawing more scary experiences into your life. Fear begets more fear. Why would you want to add to the sum total of fear and darkness upon the planet?

If you have bought into any of these fear-based ideas, take your power back! I encourage you to put all of your belief, all 100% of it, into the Loving/God! Why entertain any doubt? It is absolute truth at the level of Loving that we are all one. The only issue anywhere and at anytime is simply the illusion of separateness from the Loving. How does it serve you, anyone else, our planet or the greater universe to perpetuate the idea that something or someone can have complete separation from All That Is? The truth is that it doesn’t serve you to entertain this idea, and only adds energy to the illusion of separation.

The idea that darkness can have any power over the light is nonsense and self-defeating, and yet this is an idea that is fully promoted by those who wish for the masses to remain locked into the fear-based illusion of reality. Those who use fear-based energy know that the only way they have any feeling of power is to attempt to smother the light by continually producing more and more fear within any given group to the point that individual lights are very dim and weak. This is why our news always focused on the pain, the suffering and the fear-based drama. Fear is used as a method of controlling a population, and of course it would be wonderful for those who wish to keep the status quo if everyone would continue to feel afraid and keep feeding the fear.

Does this mean you should comply and continue to buy into a fear-based, control-based life? Heck no! Freedom is your birthright. Your soul is urging you to drop your fears and irrational beliefs and step fully into the light of the Loving. Know that the sun is always shining, rain or shine, day or night. If you can view your source of Loving like the sun, and yourself as a ray of light, there is no way any dark cloud has the power to cut you off from your source of light. Just visualize yourself radiating the light out beyond the clouds!

To whom, what or where do you give your power away by holding in fear? I encourage you to take a deep, honest look inside of yourself.

Take your power back. As a Loving Being with free will choice, every moment becomes a deciding moment. Everything that occurs gives you the opportunity to exercise your authentic power. In any given moment, you have the power to say ‘no’ to fear, even if you’ve been giving it your power up until now. You have the power to decide to believe differently, to think differently. Freedom from fear is a choice! Joy is a choice! You really do have the power to choose, and in any given moment, you can choose fear and misery, or you can choose joy. What qualities you experience in your own life are totally up to you. I say choose the light! Say, “If I don’t like the dark, I have the power to turn on the light.”

Action Step ~ Let go of feeding the fear and claim your full power to choose Love and light by placing your trust in the Loving 100%. Declaration: “Darkness is just the temporary absence of light. I trust in the light of the Loving in all things. I choose to see the light, feel the light, experience the light and BE the light. I am one with my source of light.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 10-minute closed-eye process on choosing Love & light over fear; please refrain from driving while listening.

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