Do you ever get really angry or upset about a situation, circumstance, policy or event?

In today’s world, there are so many potentially triggering issues: the injustice being played out in the US courts; the decimation of the world’s rain forests; the danger to our natural food supply from GMOs; the lack of funding for education; the on-going lack of equality; the radiation from nuclear disasters; global warming… the list could go on and on.

In my younger years, I spent quite a bit of time raging against the machine. I protested against cruelty to children and animals. I protested against inequality toward women and gays. I protested against the medical establishment for pushing birth interventions and vaccines. I protested large corporations for forcing baby formula onto new mothers.

My family still teases me about the time when my mother-in-law asked me to ship her fur coat. She’d gone out of town for the holidays and had forgotten to pack it. At the time I was holding extreme agaistness toward people who killed animals for fur coats, and I said ‘no’. She said she understood my point, and asked if I would do it anyway as a personal favor because she didn’t have anyone else who could do it in time. I very begrudgingly agreed, and then filled the coat box with PETA pamphlets and pictures of animal abuse just to make my point.

It didn’t go over very well. Not only did I not change my mother-in-law’s mind about wearing fur, it just made me look bad. I had taken my anger out on her, and she viewed me as angry, irrational, immature and so forth as a result of my impulsive gesture. Another way of putting it is that I had viewed her as unkind (toward animals) and I had therefore treated her unkindly. All she received out of it was my unkindness.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” When we engage in againstness toward something, we are taking up a stance of hatred or intolerance. What happens energetically is that we actually push against that thing which we do not like, so that thing is forced to push back. This is war mentality – two sides pushing back and forth, both trying to be ‘right’ and making the other ‘wrong’ – which just begets more fear, hatred and againstness. There is no right or wrong from the soul-level perspective, there is only infinite Love and acceptance for all that is. There is a universal law that states: what you focus on expands. If you are focusing on all of the things you hate or are against, you will simply create more and more of the same to feel angry about.

In order to experience peace, you must move into an internal state of neutrality, and begin to view everything through eyes of Love and compassion.

A few years ago I had an energetic experience where I was filled with gold light and expanded out into oneness with everything around me. My sensory awareness stretched to include everything within a mile or two radius. Rather than seeing physical form, I perceived everything as light – all of the people were energy-beings with spheres of light shining from their centers; the plants and trees were made of light; the buildings, cars, trash cans and telephone poles were made out of light.

There were strings of lights in line at stores made of light. There were lights having arguments in buildings made of light, lights laughing on park benches made of light, lights crying while sitting on chairs made out of light, lights making Love on a bed made out of light, lights driving cars made out of light – it was all made out of Love-light everywhere I looked. And, it was all me. I was the light, and the light was me. It was one big giant web of golden light, all connected, all divinely Loved, all divine Love… just learning and growing together.

This profound experience left me with a visceral awareness of the innate Oneness of all that is. I am you and you are me. As I was writing this, these words streamed in ‘You are everything, and everything is you’. I started to write them and then thought, ‘hey, didn’t Diana Ross sing that?’ I think those were lyrics from a sad love song, but the truth is joy-filled, awe-inspiring and divinely beautiful. You are one with everything; therefore, if you express hatred, violence or disgust with anything, you are really just hating on yourself.

This can be a tough concept to understand. There is the American Indian story of the two wolves: the father tells the child, “We each have two wolves inside; an angry wolf and a Loving wolf.” The child asks, “Which one wins?” The father replies, “Whichever one you feed.”

In what ways are you holding in againstness towards situations or things? Do you judge the economy? The government? The penal system? The weather? The giant corporations? Be willing to look deeply at how you view your outer-world circumstances.

Since you are everything, you don’t want the angry wolf to starve to death or die; on the contrary, you want to Love it up! If you can focus on feeding the Loving, you will actually heal the ego or personality – this could be viewed as the angry or upset wolf – and this part will gradually integrate until you are living in full alignment with your soul – the Loving wolf.

See everything as an outpicturing of Loving. Begin to view all that is occurring as part of someone’s curriculum. Hold in compassion for the suffering whenever someone else’s lack of consciousness is brought to your attention.

If you want to be of greater service to global change, place your focus on what you want, rather than wasting time feeding or pushing against what you don’t want. For instance, if you don’t want genetically engineered foods, focus on supporting healthy, organic foods – buy organics, grow them yourself, support laws to preserve natural farming, speak out in support of natural foods, etc. Drop all againstness and place 100% of your focused attention on what you are for. Hold the vision of what you wish to create, and see it as done. Say, “I am one with everything, and everything is Love.

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Let go of feeding the anger, drop into neutrality and compassion and begin to feed whatever you wish to see multiply. Declaration: “Everything is Love. Everything that occurs is a part of the whole, an intrinsic part of the divine plan of All that Is. I am one with everything at the Being level. I now view everything through eyes of Love and compassion, no matter what, and I feed that which I want to create more of with my Loving focused attention.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 9-minute closed-eye process on viewing everything as Love; please refrain from driving while listening.

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