Have you ever wondered about heaven? Does it even exist? If so, how do you get there?

As a child, I recall first hearing about heaven in the readings of the Catholic mass. Over time, I pieced together some ideas of how it seemed to work according to my family’s church, yet it just never made sense to me. Why did some people get to go and others didn’t? How did just getting baptized and taking communion make someone better than someone who wasn’t baptized and didn’t take communion?

Then in my early teens I learned about other religions – religions where there were different ideas about who was going to heaven and how. I decided the whole thing was a bunch of nonsense and just shelved the notion of ‘heaven’ in the back of my brain under ‘not enough information to make a rational assessment’.

When I was having my near-death awakening experience, I learned that heaven isn’t a mystical place in the clouds waiting for us in the after-life like some automatic reward that people get just for patiently serving out their life-sentence here on Earth. Heaven isn’t some gift that only a certain race of people gets to experience. Heaven isn’t a reward for simply doing good deeds (although doing good deeds is a worthwhile endeavor). And there aren’t any specific religious practices necessary to get into heaven, no matter what anyone attached to any particular religion may wish or say.

I was shown that heaven is available right here, right now. What has been called paradise or the Kingdom of Heaven is simply a result of a state of Being – an internal mindset – that we are all free to move into along our evolutionary journey.

Just as you can get yourself out of a state of hell if you don’t wish to reside there anymore, you also have the freedom to choose to reside in the internal state of consciousness that creates what is known as ‘heaven’. Attaining this mindset requires making the free will choice to make the paradigm shift from living in the fear-based, right/wrong reality into living in the Loving on absolutely every level of Being.

Just like getting into hell is an inside job, so is getting into heaven. It isn’t something that is magically going to happen to you or to anyone else. You have to want it, and then you have to do whatever it takes to get yourself there; in other words, you have to put in the effort in order to merit the rewards.

The state known as heaven is an out-picturing of the internal state known as the Christ Consciousness, or the Christos. Christ Consciousness is the highest state of Being available to us currently while we are in human form. Anyone who chooses joy and freedom over misery and suffering and embraces unity for all forms of life has the ability to achieve this level of enlightenment. Heaven is a reflection of perfect inner peace, with infinite acceptance of All that Is, which includes living in harmony with God, Humankind and Nature. We will create this state as a collective as soon as enough individuals do the internal work necessary to up-level and begin to reside in the state of Christ Consciousness.

Don’t worry about how that part will come about! Your first priority is to get yourself aligned with the will of your soul. As you become more conscious, you will naturally begin residing in higher and higher states of Being until you gradually move into Christ Consciousness. Know that not only is attaining this state do-able, it is your birthright to live in it.

For today, I invite you to take a look at any old or limiting beliefs you may have had about heaven.

What did you hear about heaven as a child? What did you see modeled? What beliefs did you take on from others? What conclusions did you make for yourself or about yourself based on what you saw or heard?

Take a moment and just allow whatever is in your consciousness to surface.

If you have been holding onto any fear, judgment or limiting beliefs around the concept of ‘heaven’, I encourage you to flood yourself with compassion and just let these old ideas go. Create some new, empowering beliefs for yourself.

Creating the state of heaven is an inside job. Say, “If I want to experience a state of heaven, I can get there by raising my own consciousness.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Claim that the state of heaven is an inside job. Say, “If I want to experience a state of heaven externally, I can get there by raising my own consciousness internally. Christ Consciousness is attainable for me.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 12-minute closed-eye process on creating heaven on Earth; please refrain from driving while listening.

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