Do you ever feel like you are dying? That you are simply going through the motions waiting for life to be over? Or that life is just passing you by?

If you aware that you are not dealing with your issues and completing your spiritual curriculum, aren’t stretching yourself in any way or utilizing your gifts, feel no real joy, no clear ‘yes, I’m on track’, and no deep satisfaction in your life, all of these would be an indicator that somehow you may have gotten off-course with your soul’s goals for you in this lifetime. If you get too far off-course from your soul’s plan for your life or willfully stop growing, naturally, you will begin to atrophy.

People are very much like houseplants; we are either growing or dying.

If you feel like you are dying, I encourage you to take heart. Houseplants perk right back up when given water and sunlight. Love is your water and inspiration is your light. If you can connect with your source of Loving and simply begin to follow your inspiration and soul’s urgings to grow, you will soon find yourself thriving like the healthiest of plants.

The truth is your soul wants you to grow spiritually more than any other thing in this life. Your inner growth is more important than where you live, what you do, what kind of clothes you wear, how much money you earn, whether or not you have an intimate relationship, what kind of car you drive or whether you even have a car. In fact, your personal growth is the only thing that matters from Spirit’s perspective.

To begin to get on track, to start to live more fully, it is important to understand that you must first make a choice. Your personal power is always going to flow in as soon as you choose to move in a positive forward direction. The universal law is that Spirit meets you at your point of action; sometimes that action is just an internal decision – a commitment to yourself, for example – and, bam, you will be flooded with a huge amount of power to support your choice.

So if you’ve been feeling stagnant, stuck, helpless, hopeless or whatever other kind of powerless feeling you may have had running, rest assured that those feelings are normal. You could think of yourself as a car that had been stuck in ‘park’ with the engine turned off – you aren’t going to see, hear or feel any power coming from this car as long as the car is parked and the engine is cold. You have to choose to start the car, turn the key, then take the car out of park and put it into drive. The power becomes available as soon as you start the car; it is just a matter of shifting gears and pressing the gas to begin to utilize the power that has been unleashed.

Making the decision to start to live will instantly tap you into an infinite supply of authentic power, complete with unlimited access to all of the qualities of your Loving source. Inspiration and creativity will begin to pour through you. Ideas will come streaming in from your source of infinite wisdom. Compassion will be flooding in, along with joy and gratitude… Take it all in. Rejoice in the level of divine abundance of support that is your birthright. As you open to receive your divine supply, you will be nurtured, nourished, filled with Love and light…. And you will quickly begin to thrive.

As long as you still have a breath left in your body you can choose to live fully. Become present, engaged and inspired by deciding to choose life. Say, “I am committed to living fully. I am thriving.”

Many Blessings of Joy and Vibrant Freedom

Action Step ~ Decide to fully engage in life by choosing to grow. Declaration: “I choose life. I am now fully engaged and growing. I am now thriving on every level of Being as I Love myself and follow my divine inspiration.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 9-minute closed-eye process on choosing to grow and thrive; please refrain from driving while listening.

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