Do you ever find yourself stubbornly resisting your soul’s guidance? Or, do you feel like you’ve already completed your growth and are as enlightened as you can get?

Feelings of resistance and frustration are commonplace along the journey of evolution. Let’s face it, your personality doesn’t like you to grow, because growth requires change and change means moving out of the comfort zone. Your personality would be quite content for you to sit on your butt watching T.V. all day while eating junk food.

However, your soul has bigger plans for you.

Some people are avoiding awakening to their spiritual paths completely, moving through life on the material plane exclusively, ignoring or denying their soul’s guidance or even its very existence. These people often appear quite content with their lives when in truth they are stacking up karmic lessons right and left everywhere they go as a result of their oblivious behavior. On the spiral of growth, they would be operating at the level marked ‘unconscious’.

Next there are people who have become aware of their paths, have learned just a little bit and then have become stuck; these people get scared of whatever they are being guided to do – maybe their lessons seem too painful or daunting – so they just stop themselves from moving forward and refuse to grow. This is a level that would be marked ‘awakening’ – it is a state of intense suffering because the longer they resist looking internally, the harder their life will become externally.

Then there are people who have become fully aware of their path, have travelled the spiritual road for awhile, and they’ve decided that they have ‘arrived’. These folks have put on their ‘expert’ hat and are confident that they know all there is to know. Unfortunately, this is just a new layer of ego in action, afraid to move deeper into the as-yet unknown. This illusion of ‘finished’ causes them to plateau, to stop growing. Some people can maintain this fantasy for awhile until their soul starts throwing their books in their face. This state can happen to anyone at any level labeled ‘awakened’.

Finally, there are people who have fully embraced their paths and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach their soul’s destination – which includes a continuous process of growth and evolution, even after a person begins doing the work of their soul. These people will still encounter obstacles, but they’ll greet each opportunity to grow and evolve, quickly moving back into the flow and continuing to follow their guidance. This is a level of ‘awakened’ that will quickly move to include joy, flow and ease.

Where are you on the path of your own soul’s journey? Are you on-course or off-course, following your soul’s path or resisting it? Be willing to take a good look at yourself.

If you reflect on the people in your life, you will be able to distinguish those who are as yet unconscious, those avoiding, denying or afraid of their destiny, those who have stopped on a plateau and those who have fully embraced the journey and are moving into alignment with their destiny.

When a soul chooses to incarnate in human form, it is giving itself over, in part, to the vessel in which it chooses to reside. Each human vessel contains its own unique personality, led by the ego, which often seems to have a mind of its own. In other words, your ego-based personality will often want you to make choices that would not support you to fulfill your own destiny.

What this means is that your soul will be urging you to listen to your inner guidance, to go in a certain direction, to courageously follow a certain path to reach your spiritual goals and do whatever you are here to do.

On the level of the human personality, you have the free will choice to either listen or to ignore your soul’s urgings. You also have the free will to move very slowly or to move rapidly through your lessons and towards your soul’s mission in life. What I have found to be true for myself, time and time again, is that major pain and suffering result if I willingly and blatantly choose to resist or ignore my soul’s guidance toward my spiritual goals. Take it from me, the suffering is way worse than facing the fear of moving forward.

To get out of suffering, decide to embrace your path fully by choosing to follow your soul’s guidance over the fear-based voice of your ego. Say, “I am awake and willing to do what it takes to follow the will of my soul.”

Action Step ~ Let go of listening to your ego, and apply your free will to consciously choose to align with the will of your soul. “I am now courageously embracing my path of evolution. I am awake and willing to do whatever it takes to live in alignment with the will of my soul. I now choose to move forward.”

Additional Support: Listen to this 8-minute closed-eye process on choosing to drop resistance and embrace your path; please refrain from driving while listening.



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